Star Trek Picard Review & Breakdown – S1E4 Absolute Candor – SPOILERS!

Star Trek Picard’s fourth episode ‘Absolute Candor‘ has been dropped! This episode feels like a true return to form for a Trek series as it operates primarily as a standard away mission type story.

Picard and the La Sirena crew visit the planet of Vashti, a Romulan refugee colony inside of the beta quadrant. There Picard hopes to reconnect with Romulan assassin nuns and a small boy he tried to look after named Elnor.

Absolute Candor Screen Caps

But not all is well in the Beta quadrant, as a lack of power from the Romulan government has paved way for warlords and criminals to take over and dominate the Romulan colonies.

Elsewhere, Narek and Soji begin to grow closer as he continues to hatch his plan of ‘awakening’ Soji to her true being and purpose!

What did you think about Picards fourth episode? Were you excited to see more Romulan culture and what do you think of the Narek/Soji subplot? SOUND OFF!

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