Star Trek Picard Review & Breakdown – S1E10 ‘Et in Arcadia Ego, Pt 2’ – SPOILERS!

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Star Trek Picard Season 1 has finally come to a close, but was it worth the 10-week wait? In today’s review we breakdown some of the best and worst sequences ever depicted in a Star Trek episode.

We also dive into how certain things could have been done a little differently to really elevate this episode to an all-new height, the likes of which we may not have ever seen before and one that was deserving of this outstanding season.

Let’s strap on the uniform for one more journey into the Picard, Season 1!

Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 2 Screen Shots


The finale has finally arrived, but was it worth the wait and buildup? What did you think of some of the negatives and positives that I pointed out? SOUND OFF!

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