TEX-TREK – Deep Space Nine – Season 2 Retrospective

TEX-TREK – Deep Space Nine – Season 2 Retrospective

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The Tex-Trek podcast has finally returned to DEEP SPACE NINE to discuss the second season of Fatheree’s favorite Trek show. It is also Dave’s first time watching DS9 so expect two very different perspectives making for an interesting conversation on some great Trek episodes that are so often overlooked.

In the first part of this two-part presentation, we look at episodes 1-13 which include the three-part episode based upon the Bajoran coup d’etat along with these 3, the first half of the season has episodes like, “Rules Of Acquisition“, “Necessary Evil” and “The Alternate“. Although the first half of season 2 is not as strong as the latter half it does have some gems in it.

Watch Part One Below

Moving on to part two, we take a look at episodes 14-26, the second half of season two is defiantly the stronger half of the season, not only do we get gems like “Profit and Loss”, we are introduced to The Maquis, in the two-part episode “The Maquis” Part I, and Part II and not to forget we are introduced to the ruthless Dominion in the season 2 finales “The Jem’Hadar“.

Watch Part Two Below

you can find all episodes of Tex-Trek at the following links

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