TEX-TREK - LGBTQ Representation in STAR TREK with Jessie Gender

TEX-TREK – LGBTQ Representation in Star Trek with Jessie Gender

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In this podcast episode, Fatheree and Dave are joined by special guest Jessie Gender. Jessie is a prolific YouTube content creator and fellow sponsee of Treksphere. She has produced extensive content discussing both Star Trek and the LGBTQ community.

Together we discuss LGBTQ Representation in the 55-year history of the Star Trek franchise. We cover a lot of aspects of Trek but specifically focus on the episodes “Outcast” (TNG) and “Cogenitor” (ENT), and the characters of Dax, Seven of Nine, Dr Culber, Stamets, Adira, Gray, and Mariner.

We also talk to Jessie about things she would like to see in future Star Trek stories to better represent the LGBTQ community and what she is looking forward to the most out of the various Trek projects currently in development.

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