The Axanar Problem | Star Trek Fan Films & The Trouble With Alec Peters

The Star Trek Fan Film ‘Axanar’ is back in production, while supporters of Axanar are rejoicing over the release of a new trailer showcasing footage from the upcoming 2-part featurette, Alec Peters, the Axanar Producer/Ares Studio President, is wrapped up in another financial scandal.

In today’s video, I recap the previous lawsuit between Axanar and CBS/Paramount and share a few potentially troubling stories surrounding Alec, the sale of Star Trek memorabilia, defamation, and potentially violating the CBS/Paramount settlement from 2017.

Let me get your thoughts about what you think is going on with Alec Peters and Axanar, do you think he just has bad luck or shady business practices, I am interested in what you guys and girls think, leave your comments below and let’s get the conversation started…

Live long and prosper my Trekkies

Watch the latest Ketwolski video below.

CORRECTION: 5:50 Robert Meyer Burnett was listed as the director for the AXANAR Feature Film, not PRELUDE. He edited PRELUDE, whereas Christian Gossett directed it.

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