The BORG Vs The Dominion – Part 3

After their last engagement with the Borg, the Dominion have not only begun recouping their losses but also began upgrading their weapons and ships with Borg technology recovered from the debris of the three cubes. Enhancing their Offensive and defensive capabilities from shields to weapons and even enhancing the Jemhadar.

Once again the Borg still receiving the Signal from the Gamma quadrant decide this time they would go all out. After losing three Cubes and Thousands of drones which by comparison to the whole collective is a small loss, it would still be an unacceptable one. So this time an entire Unicomplex would make its way to Dominion Space. Bringing with them the Queen, one Unimatrix Command Ship and an ungodly amount of Cubes.

(CBS) The Borg Unimatrix

The Borg would set off using every transwarp HUB and corridor at their disposal. Arriving at the outer rim of Dominion territory, they would begin assimilating the outlying worlds. Not to enhance the quality of life or bring them one step closer to perfection but to diminish the Dominions territory and by doing so weakening the Dominion.

World after world would fall, The Dominion forces reacting to this attack upon their Domain would try the tactics already tried and proven would become more difficult with each attempt and would inevitably become impossible. However, the Founders would order their forces to stand their ground and continue fighting. Even with the enhancements made to the Dominion forces, the Borg would adapt to each attack.

As more systems would fall to the Borg and the Dominion fleets would become stretched out, the worlds living under the tyranny of the Founders would either be conscripted into the fight to fill the gaps and hold off the Borg, others would attempt to flee from Dominion space. Many being assimilated by the Borg and others would be destroyed by the Jem’Hadar as an example to others as what fate would befall them should they attempt to flee. Well, those who had the capability at least.

(Paramount) A Borg Assimilated World

The Founders would begin employing biogenic weapons into their arsenal which isn’t an unheard-of tactic within the Dominion. Such horrifying viruses like the quickening. As we know the Borg are susceptible to attacks upon their Biological components and that is where the Dominion would focus their attacks.

Although the Dominion forces would be slowly pushed further back into their own territory either day by day or week by week and failing to recoup their losses as the Borg could assimilate faster than the Founders could reproduce Jem’Hadar soldiers, it wouldn’t be too long before worlds within their space who ere not warp-capable would be brought into their fold. With promises of a suitable position within the Dominion Hierarchy, these newcomers would take these offers and become part of the fighting force.

Continuing to relentlessly cut a swath through Dominion space the Borg would, again and again, beset upon by the new Dominion forces. These new conscripted worlds adding their intuition, cunning and all kinds of combative methods The Borgs advancement would be brought to a halt for a time. But only for a time.

It wouldn’t be too long that the Collective would finally find the Interplexing once again. After analyzing the technology and determining that it was made by the federation they would try to determine how it got there.

With a new motivation the Borg would once more push further into Dominion space, forcing the enemy forces back into their territory continuing to assimilate every world they would come across utilizing new projectile weapons that would detonate in the atmosphere spreading nanites throughout the populace expediting the assimilation of these worlds, hastening the replenishment of their dominance over the Gamma Quadrant.

Every attack and strategy the Founders could come up with, would be thwarted by The Borg bringing the Dominion to breaking point and the Founders to desperation.

(CBS) The Founders Homeworld

Eventually, the Borg would make their way to what was the Founders’ homeworld. Finding it abandoned, the collective would begin scanning for warp trails and when discovered, they would pursue their foe at maximum warp. Being pushed to the brink the Founders would have no choice but to engage in one last effort to defeat their enemy. One last strategy which would not only possibly destroy the Borg but themselves as well.

They would make their way to their side of the wormhole which leads to the Alpha Quadrant. Knowing what awaits them on the other side, the Founders would hope that the minefield of self replicating cloaked mines would annihilate both forces for if they were going down, they weren’t going down alone.

As the fleet of cubes would gain on the Dominion fleet, orders would be given to delaying the Borg fleet at all costs before they would intercept the Dominion ships preventing them from carrying out their plan.

The bulk of the remaining Dominion fleet would fall back to engage the Borg ramming the cubes with their ships, releasing biogenic viruses within the ships themselves such as the blight and any or all methods they could to slow them down enough aswell as taking out a cube or two.

Of course, this wouldn’t delay the Borg too long. Continuing to follow the Dominion fleet they would finally arrive at the wormhole passing through the with the Borg gaining on them and gaining on them and gaining on them both fleets would finally emerge on the other side.

Ready to meet their fate the Dominion would fly straight into the minefield followed by the Borg. Through out the Bajoran sector, blinding flashing lights would be seen. As both fleets taking heavy damage. Ship after ship and Cube after cube would be destroyed. Both fleets would be engulfed in an ever replicating minefield. Both Dominion and Borg would continue firing on one another as their fleets would bit by bit diminish until the spectacle of multiple explosions and what would look like a magnificent display of flashing lights would dissipate and finally, vanish.

Watch the final part of The Borg vs The Dominion and see who would win in this epic battle.