The Borg VS. The Dominion – Pt 1

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Many have queried who would win in an all-out conflict between the Borg and the Dominion.  So far all attempts have reached a stalemate between those who dared to debate. I hope to lay to rest this question with a final ANSWER.

On Stardate 51721.3 Or for the laymen the events of this battle will take place between “Star Trek: First Contact” and “Star Trek: Insurrection”.  Starfleet and the Federation are at a loss of ideas and are running dry on tactics in regard to defeating the Dominion.

Starfleet Tactical would send out a fleet-wide communication to all starship commanders with combat experience to come up with any and all field-proven strategies and ideas regardless of how out of the box they are.

Starfleet would receive a plethora of Strategies ranging from deceiving the Romulan Empire into joining forces with the Federation to the relocation of the Baku from the Briar Patch in order to harness the met-aphasic radiation to treat and rejuvenate the casualties of this war.

Of course, it would take only one famed captain commanding the flagship of the Federation to devise a plan that one could say would kill two birds with one stone.  This plan would involve the construction of an interplexing beacon which when ready would be deployed in the Gamma Quadrant via the Bajoran wormhole by a cloaked ship, deep within Dominion Territory.  Once deployed Starfleet would mine the entrance to the wormhole on their own side in the Alpha Quadrant with self replicating mines capable of cloaking.  Making any escape for the Dominion forces through the wormhole, impossible.

It wouldn’t be too long when the Borg would receive the signal and send a single cube to the Gamma Quadrant utilising a Transwarp hub. Once the cube arrived, it would begin tracing the signal to its point of Origin, whilst assimilating any planet or outpost the cube would encounter along its path and before too long would engage a Dominion patrol. 

But before we go any further lets breakdown these two forces Starting with the

(CBS) The Dominion


The Dominion is a coalition AHEM, a confederation AHEM, A collection of planets and star system which have been conquered and forced into subjugation to the Founders through their militant arm Known only as of the Jem Hadar.

The Jem’Hadar

(CBS) The Jem’Hadar

The Jem’Hadar are a genetically engineered race with the specific purpose of being the strong arm of the Dominion. A race of clones that grow to full maturity within a couple of days. Programmed from birth to Worship the Founders even though most have never even seen one or know what they look like.  For the Founders however worship wasn’t enough and demand loyalty especially from the Jem Hadar and so to ensure this, the Jem’Hadar are designed to require a substance known only as the White.  

Ketracell White is a substance that keeps the Jem Hadar working at optimal efficiency.  Providing them with all the nutrients they need and is also highly addictive to them.   It is also important to understand that the white also completes their genetic makeup and it is why without it,  they would DIE.

Well except for this guy.


  • Hyper Aggression
  • Shrouding (Invisibility)
  • Hyper Strength
  • Highly trained combat operators                     


  • The White
  • Unwavering Blind Loyalty
  • Limited by their Genetic Conditioning


  • Plasma Rifles/Pistols
  • Kar’Takin(Shock blade)
  • Combat Knives

It is important to know that to maintain cohesion amongst the ranks of the Jem’Hadar they each one takes there orders from one known as the First.  This particular soldier would be the equivalent to a high ranking Non-Comm. This Em Radar would take his orders from another species who are responsible for issuing the White. 

They are called the Vorta.

The Vorta

(CBS) THe Vorta

This once primitive race with limited intelligence and pacifistic nature who’s diet consisted of nothing more than Nuts and Berries were rewarded greatly after healing a sick Changeling.  Through genetic manipulation, they were granted increased intelligence and the ability to defend themselves by projecting an energy blast from their bodies.

They were also granted a high standing within the Dominion second only to the Founders themselves.  However, these rewards came at a cost, especially where the genetic manipulation to their being is concerned.

For just like the Jem’Hadar the Vorta were also reduced to a race of clones with a limited lifespan and implanted with a suicide device that will activate at either the behest of a Founder, If the Vorta individual has been captured or at the end of their determined lifespan after which the same model will be cloned. So far only 4 are known to exist. 


  • Highly Intelligent and Manipulative
  • Very Persuasive
  • Capable of releasing an Energy Blast


  • Pacifistic Nature
  • Limited Lifespan
  • Blind Devotion
  • Treasonous on Occasion

The Founders

(CBS) The Founders

They are highly intelligent with the ability to shapeshift. When they take whatever form they have chosen, the changeling’s don’t just mimic the form.  They become that thing.   This characteristic also allows multiple changelings to bond together to form what is called the great link.

The Link allows the changelings to bond together sharing their thoughts and feelings with one another.  The Founders are considered a myth by many races under the rule of the Dominion and although many have benefited under their Tyranny,  those who refuse to surrender them will end up with the privilege of a multi-generational virus called the blight for which there is no cure.


  • Shape-Shifting
  • The Great link
  • Superior strength
  • Master Strategists
  • Masters of infiltration and subversion
  • Master Geneticists


  • Highly Xenophobic
  • Arrogant
  • Highly susceptible to energy discharges
  • Must regenerate by returning to their gelatinous state.

AND Now, we meet a species so terrifying that their mere mention would freeze the soul of anyone who would hear their name.  

(CBS) The Borg


A cybernetic collective comprised of Billions of Drones from Thousands of species across thousands of worlds.  The collective in its entirety is controlled by a single conscience.  The thoughts, knowledge and memories are preserved by the collective so that in the event of the destruction of a drone or even multiple drones, Their essence remains.

Typically the Borg would ignore any intrusions into the Cube unless the intruders were considered a threat, the same rule is also implemented when encountering other ships unless the Borg deem them worthy of study and even assimilation.

There are two phases of assimilation what I call phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 1

When infiltrating a ship or planet the Borg will utilize nano-probes via nanotubules capable of penetrating almost any dermal layer.  Releasing the nano-probes into the bloodstream of their victim which in turn begin to physically alter the new drone and connecting them to the hive mind.

Phase 2

Once the population of a world or a crew of the ship have undergone Phase 1 assimilation,  these new drones would undergo physical surgeries and be Augmented with Borg implants.


  • Assimilation
  • Highly Adaptable to almost all Attacks
  • Collective Hive Mind
  • Regeneration
  • Cybernetic Enhancements


  • Biological Components
  • Limited by their Assimilated Knowledge
(CBS) The Borg Vs The Dominion – FIGHT


 As mentioned earlier once the cube arrived, it would begin tracing the signal to its point of Origin, whilst assimilating any planet or outpost the cube would encounter along its path and before too long would engage a Dominion patrol. 

Thee 3 Patrol ships would warn the Cube not to intrude into their space any further or suffer the wrath of the Dominion.   Ignoring the warning the Cube would begin scans of the 3 ships and deem the life forms unworthy for assimilation, however, would take great interest in the weapon systems and Technology.

A single drone would beam aboard the lead vessel and begin analysing the computer core.   Interpreting this as an act of aggression the 1st would order the intruder killed.  Once done the 3 ships would break formation and attack the cube from multiple sides believing the Borg would have to pull off multiple switch fire manoeuvres.  Unfortunately for the Dominion ships, the Cube is exactly the same on every side utilising shield draining tractor beams, cutting lasers and power-draining energy blasts.

Armed with Phased polaron beams and torpedoes the Cube would receive a barrage of intense weapons fire from the 3 attack vessels.  Keeping in mind the weapon system of a Jem’Hadar attack ship is capable of taking down a Galaxy Class ship and that they would not stop attacking the Borg Cube once a significant amount of damage was caused allowing the Borg to adapt and regenerate the cube through their will power. 

Rather the 3 ships would continue firing until the cube was destroyed. For the Jem’Hadar Victory is Life and the Dominion as a whole would show no mercy.  That is the Order of things.

The Borg would within moments attempt to capture the fighters with their tractor beams and use the cutting beam to destroy the attack ships.  No doubt they would succeed in capturing 2 of the 3 and destroy them, where the 3rd would power up its engines and ram the cube at full speed destroying the cube beyond the 75 per cent mark where at which a Borg cube is still very combat effective.

Wondering what has happened to the Patrol? it would not be long where the Dominion would send a small fleet to ascertain why the missing patrol hasn’t reported back to the Dominion.  Upon arriving at the last known coordinates They would find the wreckage of 4 ships and begin examining the debris of the Alien vessel.

I’m afraid that is all for Part 1.  Please tune in for Part 2 where two fleets will go toe to toe. In a battle for dominance where Victory is Life and Resistance is Futile.

Will the Dominion assert their Order of things over the Borg? Or will the Borg bring Order to Chaos over the Dominion?

Watch The Borg Vs Dominion Part One: