The Borg VS. The Dominion – Pt 2

After their last encounter with the Borg, the Dominion would retrieve and analyze any debris including Borg drones from the enemy vessel. The Founders would not procrastinate in upgrading the Dominion technologies be it either Offensive and Defensive capabilities.

They would also ramp up the production of Jem’Hadar soldiers. Most likely if they were able to retrieve any drones form the wreckage of the Borg cube, the drones would be experimented on extensively including being put through simulations to see how the drones would behave in certain scenarios via a neural stimulator.

Founders would also have all the worlds within their Dominion involved with the production of new ships, more Jem’Hadar and the creation of better technologies turning the Dominion into a war machine. 

Meanwhile, in the Delta Quadrant, the Borg would realise that resistance for the newly discovered enemy is far from futile. The Borg Collective would once again decide to venture to the Gamma Quadrant in an attempt to locate the origin of the signal sent by the Interplexing Beacon and also to ascertain what happened to the last cube they sent.  This time However they would go in force.

(CBS) Borg Vinculum

Now I know many of you may ask me, Well wouldn’t the Collective know why since they are all part of the Hive mind? Well yes and no!  When a cube is sent to another part of the Galaxy via the transparent hub, that even for the Borg there is a limit to their communication range from the rest of the Collective and the Queen herself.  It, therefore, falls upon the Vinculum to process and organize the thoughts of the Borg in that particular Cube and maintain Order to what they would describe as Chaos.

This time three cubes would be sent, two would be sent to search for the missing cube and the third would try to locate the origin of the signal. Once in the Gamma Quadrant the three Cubes would split up and begin their assignments. The Cubes would not stop by nearby systems or planets for assimilation but would focus on their missions.

The two Cubes travelling at High warp would eventually find the last known location of the missing cube and begin scanning the Debris. The Borg would analyse the residual weapons signatures and share their findings with the third cube automatically to begin adaptations.

The lone Cube would make its way deep within Dominion space following the signal back to the beacon. Once the cube would arrive at the beacon’s location it would analyse it and determine that the materials used would have a federation signature. Learning this The collective would decide to make their way back to the Transwarp aperture to return to the Delta Quadrant.

Before too long the Three cubes would be set upon by a fleet of Dominion Vessels ranging from – Jem’Hadar Fighters, Battleships, Battle Cruisers and the Karemma Starship. The fighters would make up the bulk of the fleet however the Battleships and Cruisers would be carrying the Jem’Hadar troops packed to the brim.  It wouldn’t surprise me that they would have troops stored in their transporter buffers.

(CBS) Borg Fleet Vs Dominion Fleet

However, the Jem’Hadar wouldn’t be fighting alone this time. This time…  The founders would be leading the battle as the Vorta would oversee the battle from the Karemma Starship. The fighters would swarm the three cubes and unleash all their fire-power onto the cubes, while the Battleships would make flybys beaming over as many troops as they could whilst avoiding any fire from the Borg.

The Borg would have some difficulty at first trying to lock on to the smaller craft given that each side only utilises a Tractor and Cutting beam.  Although they can fire energy blast which can drain the shields of any ship, The sheer number of fighters that would be swarming the cube would allow the Fighters to cover each other whilst distracting the Borg while the Cruisers and battleships would unload untold amounts of Jem’Hadar and Changeling into the cubes themselves.

Once the Jem’hadar and the Changelings were on-board the Cubes immediately The Jem’hadar would shroud and start killing Borg within their alcoves as the changelings would revert to their gelatinous state and attempt to make their way into the internals of the ship.  

Operating in tandem both groups would begin to cause large amounts of damage to the Borg. Although the Borg would have difficulties trying to adapt and trying to ascertain where the attacks are coming from as they are susceptible to certain forms of cloaking technologies i.e. that utilised by the Hanson family, no not them. The Borg would finally adapt to the plasma weapons of the Jem’hadar and would also adjust their optical implant allowing them to see their attackers and rendering their weapons, Useless.

Given their enhanced strengths via the cybernetics the Borg would begin retaliating and fight back. The Jem’Hadar would continue to fire their plasma weapons a few more times until the realised their weapons were useless and so to begin Hacking at the Borg with their Kartarkin shock blades.

(Paramount) Borg Drones

Trying as they may to adapt to the weapons fire of the Jem’Hadar they are also susceptible to Bladed weapons.  The battle would rage on for some time on each cube.   As the genetic engineered soldiers would tear into the cybernetically enhanced abominations, but likewise the Borg drones although finding the Jem’Hadar unworthy of assimilation would utilise their nanoprobes to at least slow down their attackers.

Meanwhile, the changeling’s would make their way through every nook and cranny of the cube destroying any piece of technology they would deem to be vital to the Borg including Junction Nodes and eventually the Vinculum.

Even though I doubt that the changelings would know exactly what the Vinculum is or its purpose, It would be obvious to anybody that it had some importance and more importantly would deal a significant blow to the drones of this cube. The Changelings would attempt to destroy the vinculum only for one of them to be killed by an energy discharge received by a Borg defence mechanism as they would not leave this piece of equipment unprotected.  

After the attempt, several drones would beam internally to the housing of the vinculum and try to prevent the rest of the changeling’s on each ship from destroying the vinculum.  The drones would try to Assimilate the changelings, however, would find this feat fruitless.

(CBS) A Typical Karemma Ship

As the battle would rage on between the Jem’hadar and the Borg drones, the Karemma Starship from where the battle is being coordinated would detect the Borg cubes defences would weaken as each drone is killed one after another the will of the Borg within the ships would begin to wain.   This information would be relayed to each first of every Jem’Hadar battle group or Section and order them to keep fighting just a little longer.  It wouldn’t be too long of course that when enough drones have been destroyed… The order for retreat would be given once again.

As the Dominion troops would RV at the transport sites with Borg drones its pursuit. And finally, the Dominion would utilise a weapon that is most dreaded by the Federation, as random explosions would begin to damage the cube as Drones would pass certain sections of the cube as they pursued the Dominion troops to their evacuation points.  I’m talking about HOUDINI’S.

I know I didn’t mention the Houdini in Part 1 but you see that’s the problem with Houdini’s.  They tend to appear when least expected and when they do.. well.. it is too late to complain about them. As enough damage would be caused internally and the already weakened will of the Borg would significantly affect the cubes defences the rest of the Dominion fleet would go all out on the three cubes.  

The Dominion would obliterate all three cubes and once again they would recover any and everything they could from the debris for further study.  For although this battle is over…

The war would be far from over. That’s all for this week, Please tune in soon for part three…

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