TrekCatCatCat – Star Trek Lego - The NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise (Refit)

TrekCatCatCat – Star Trek Lego – The NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise (Refit)

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On the latest video release on my channel, I show the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise refit from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

With this being my favourite ship in Star Trek, I will always be a little more critical about anyone trying to replicate it. With that in mind, I think that it is a good representation of the ship and faithful to the silhouette we all know and love.  

This is another design from the prolific Star Trek Designs which has produced a large number of designs. This one is 228 pieces, which is smaller than the U.S.S. Discovery refit which I had previously reviewed.

I believe they have still captured the look of this most recognisable of ships, the instructions are clear, concise and very easy to follow. The one thing missing is a stand, but one can be improvised quite easily with parts that you have at home.

The design can be bought from As before, you are only purchasing the build instructions. The website has the inventory of parts needed. These can be purchased from websites like BrickLink, Brick Owl and eBay. You can also shop around for the pieces to get greater value for money, but there will be sellers who have all the pieces. It depends on the time and budget that you want to spend.

It is always good to look at your own Lego pieces collection as this will always reduce your immediate costs.

In summary, it is an accurate looking design and would be a good addition to any collection.

I hope you enjoy building it as much as I did.

If you have any questions on how you go about creating the kits to make this ship, please contact me by dropping a comment below or contacting me at the links below…

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