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On this week’s video release on my channel, we look at the TOS style communicator This has become one of the iconic devices that entered pop culture and are recognised by Trekkies and Non-Trekkies alike. The design was done by RuneScope and is made up of 160 pieces. This is the first of their designs that I have built and reviewed. For me, it is the best representation of the communicator in the Lego format and, the most impactful. The instructions are clear, concise and very easy to follow, they are as close to instructions that Lego produces that I have seen. The instructions are free on Rebrickable. com

Don’t forget that you are only getting the build instructions. The website also has the inventory of parts needed. There is a link function to BrickLink & Brick Owl where you can upload the ‘Wishlist’ of parts needed. Being only 160 pieces, it is a very reasonably priced kit to build.

Don’t forget to look at your own Lego collection for pieces that you may have as this will always reduce your costs. In summary, it is a very accurate looking reproduction of the communicator and would be a good addition to any collection. It is also very sturdy in the hand and could be used by cosplayers as well. I hope you enjoy building it as much as I did. If you have any questions on how to go about building the communicator, please contact me by dropping a comment below or contacting me on Twitter/ Instagram or on my channel at YouTube all the links are down below…

Until next time Keep building Ian (Trekcatatcat)

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