TrekCatCatCat - Star Trek Lego - NCC 1031 - A - U.S.S. Discovery Refit

TrekCatCatCat – Star Trek Lego – NCC 1031 – A – U.S.S. Discovery Refit

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For many years now Trekkies who are also a fan of Lego have been asking ‘why haven’t Lego brought out any Star Trek sets?’ The answer is no one really knows. Have ViacomCBS been in talks with Lego? Only time will tell.

The last licenced Star Trek brick set was by MEGABLOKS who produced a couple of sets including the TOS U.S.S. Enterprise, it was beautiful ship with 3096 pieces. I know I have built it. So, can you build Star Trek ships in Lego? Yes, you can. There are a number of talented MOC (My Own Creation) designers out there who have created a whole range of ships.

This week on my channel I show the NCC 1031-A U.S.S. Discovery refit from Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. Designed by Star Trek Designs. At 354 pieces it is a small build but, it has a lot of detail. They have captured the sleekness and essence of the Discovery. Even using clear bricks to give the illusion of the detached warp nacelles. I prefer that the nacelles are shorter giving it a more traditional look in keeping with other starships that we have seen through the years in Trek.

The design can be bought here but, you can only buy the design. The website also has the inventory of parts needed. These can be purchased from websites like Bricklink, Brick owl and eBay etc.

You may even have some of the pieces already and this will reduce the cost of purchases.

It is a wonderful design and would be great on display in you collection.

I hope you enjoy building it as much as I did.

If you have any questions on how you go about creating the kits to make this ship drop a comment below or contact me using the links below…

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