The Finale of Truth OR Myth Season 1

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Hello and welcome to the season 1 Finale of Truth OR Myth. I’m not a perfect human being by any stretch of the imagination, and every video I thoroughly research and go over time and time again… That being said I still make mistakes… And so I thought it would be fitting if in this episode I point out the mistakes or things I missed in my various videos and give shout-outs to fans that pointed out these mistakes! And of course, apologizes in advance if I mispronounce your screen name… So with that, let us begin…


In my Mistakes review of Star Trek The Original Series for the episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, Michael Richardson Points out that the division emblems on the delta badges have been switched from the emblems we would become used too! Great catch Michael!

Matthew Crabtree wanted to add a point to Episode 13, My first mistake video on Star Trek The Original Series. In the review of Mudd’s Women, I pointed out that The shot of McCoy in the transporter room had him suddenly in his medical tunic when a close-up shot came… Matthew wanted to add that not only is he in the Tunic suddenly but he’s also in sickbay as well… Great catch Matthew!

Jero Briggs brings up a great point in regards to my Mistake Video on the TOS episode Balance of Terror. He says the Enterprise appears helpless without phasers, but what about Photon torpedoes? Why didn’t they use them instead?

John White points out another missed mistake in one of my TOS mistake videos. In Court Martial, McCoy confronts Spock about him playing chess while the Captain is on trial. Spock says he’s just won his 4th game. His use of the phrase observe for yourself in conjunction with his previous statement foretelling his winning of the game suggests that McCoy is observing the winning of that 4th game. Yet later on the Planet Spock says he played 5 games. Since we saw him leave right after the 4th game when exactly did he play the 5th game?

During my mistakes review of the episode, Tomorrow is Yesterday I declared the use of UESPA headquarters that Kirk tells Captain Christopher in the turbo lift was a mistake. This is, in fact, incorrect on my part. Stuart Young pointed out that not only did UESPA launch the Friendship 1 probe in the Voyager episode “Friendship One” but UESPA emblems can be seen throughout Enterprises run. Now before you say, but that all happened 100 years before Kirk so it IS STILL a mistake there was one other instance that UESPA showed up on Star Trek, and that’s on the dedication Plaque of the Enterprise B, meaning that during Kirks original 5 year mission UESPA was still involved in Starfleet and was most like absorbed in to Starfleet sometime in the 24th Century. Thank you, Stuart, for pointing that out!

This next gem comes from James VonKannon. In Episode 19 I discussed how fast Ensign Martinez got over here finance from the previous episode “Balance of Terror”. Well, I’m a bit embarrassed by missing this one but it should be noted that if you actually go stardate order the next episode shore leave would actually occur 11 episodes apart… So given that 1 season of the series represents a year, then 1 episode we see is about represented on average a little over a week and a half. So if we times that by 11, that means Shore Leave happened about 16 weeks or almost 3 months later… That definitely looks better on Martinez but Ill leave it up to you to decide if that’s enough time for someone to get over the tragic death of her finance and start a new relationship with another crewman…


Djarra points out a possible explanation for the whole moon issue in Star Trek The Motion Picture. During the Voyager Unimatrix 2 parter, Tuvok begins reciting the details of his life to stop himself from succumbing to the Borg Collective. One of the things he says is, “Stardate 38774, Vulcan is Lunar Colony, the time and place of my Birth,” that means there could actually be a colony on a moon in the Vulcan System orbiting a gas giant… Excellent theory Djarra!


This Mistake from my Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan nitpicking video first came from Dave Schwi. During the seen in the movie where Terrel and Chekov are discussing the sensor reports on Ceti Alpha 6, which is actually Ceti Alpha 5 if you look over Chekov shoulder you can actually see schematics for a Constitution Class refit on the panels. This is of course because the Reliant bridge was a simple redress of the Enterprises bridge, but that’s real-world explanations, and these videos only deal with fantasy… Excellent Catch Dave Schwi

Another Missed mistake from the Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan Mistakes video comes to us from Kris Murice who points out that if you watch Reliant’s first attack on the Enterprise it is clear that the Enterprise does some damage to the Reliant’s Impulse deck, but when Reliant retreats from the encounter, suddenly the damage is gone…

Lynn Point, and excuse the pun, makes a great point in regards to the Enterprise herself. She asks why a Ship of the line like the Enterprise would be relegated to a Cadet Training cruise after only 10 years in active Space Duty. There’s no canon explanation for this of course but I do have a theory Ill put forth to you all. First, it’s returning to Earth after another 2 5 year missions. So Starfleet might have decided to give the crew a break, promote some, transfer others and before sending her back out restocked a resupplied they might have decided to use her as a training ship temporarily. In fact, Starfleet might regularly do that to any ships visiting Earth after an extended mission. This gives the young cadets the bonus of that ships senior officers experience as well as letting the ship stay close to home and the crew relax for a while. It would be an excellent use of a Starships downtime. Thanks for the Excellent Question Lynn.


Brain Craig Pointed out a mistake I missed in my Star Trek 4 video. He pointed out that during the court-martial scene Scotty is wearing a commander’s rank pin, but we know from Star Trek 3 that he was promoted to Captain in that movie… So why would he be wearing a commanders pin here?

This next very interesting point comes from Trek001. A lot of people when watching my ST4 video were upset that I included the use as Leningrad as a mistake even though I make it clear at the beginning of my videos I’m clear that real-world explanations cant explain away in-universe mistakes. That being said Trek001 pointed out something very interesting which could possibly prove this is in fact not an in-universe mistake. In the TNG episode, the Naked Now, the audience is treated the Tsiolkovsky’s Dedication Plaque and listed there it says the ship was launched from the USSR. So that could mean that for whatever reason, Earth goes back to referring to Russia and it’s surrounding countries like the USSR. So I’ll leave this one in your lap to decide!


Brent Holt ask why in Nemesis did no one think about the transporters in shuttlecrafts and the Captains Yacht? Great Point Brent!


Zarrok1138 pointed out something that few people have a problem with and don’t seem to understand. In my video on the Miranda Class, I said that the Miranda Class would be phased out in favour of the newer classes like the Defiant, the Nova the Akira etc. He asked how this could possible when Star Trek Online starts in 2409 and the first ship you get is a Miranda Class. Well, what some people have to understand is that a licensed product does not equal canon. So video games, Books, Blueprints, even the Encyclopedia created by the Great Okudas is not canon. Deleted Scenes or scripts or even novelizations of the movies are also Not Canon. Only what we see on Screen in the form of a TV show or Movie Branded as Star Trek by the owners of Star Trek is canon. If you have any more questions about what is or isn’t canon please refer to Memory Alpha and look up canon, they have a great explanation of it. And one other point on this matter, Memory Beta, is also NOT canon. Memory Beta is what’s known as Fanon or Headcanon, which means it includes all the previous sources that weren’t canon and gives a rundown of those sources that some fans believe are true. But again those sources are NOT canon and thus not the Truth…


In my Excelsior Info Video eXcommunicate1979 points out I made a goof… close to the end of the video I said 22nd Century when it should have been the 23rd Century! Thanks, eXcommunicate1979!


Jordan Cobb was the first to ask about why the series is called Truth OR Myth. He says he keeps expecting to hear me talk about myths. Well, the title is actually about how the Series is devoted to canon and the Truth behind each series. I painstakingly research EVERYthing I say, so I don’t make any comment lightly. Because I give audiences the facts based on truth it automatically dispels the rumours, hence Truth or Myth. That all being said, however, I’m still not perfect and make mistake, hence the reason for this video…

I also just want to say that this channel supports all Star Trek and is intended to provide a Non Toxic environment to Discuss all of Star Trek, that’s a commitment I make to you all. So if anyone is having any issues with anyone, in particular, disrespecting your opinions or just being rude, please message me and let me know.

It’s been a great first season and a really rewarding experience for me. Unfortunately, with the HUGE gain in popularity, it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep up with everyone’s comments. So if I don’t respond to one of your comments don’t take it personally. I just simply don’t have enough time in the day to respond to everyone. But I appreciate every single comment put forth, even those that are debating the points I’ve made… Don’t stop doing that. Trek is based in IDIC, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, and I can’t think of another fan community that exemplifies IDIC more than The Star Trek fans Base. All of the comments help people understand Star Trek and each other a little better, so keep it up…

And of course, if I find a comment or suggestion for an episode relevant you’ll get a shout out with my personal Thanks in one of the future videos.

With all that said, this brings to a close Season 1 of Truth OR Myth. Thanks again everyone for your love and support. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday for whatever event you celebrate, and of course, I also hope you have a happy and safe New Years. I look forward to seeing you all at the beginning of January! Thanks again for watching, and one last time this year… Live Long and Prosper!

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