Truth OR Myth? BETA - The Avenger Class

Truth OR Myth? BETA Canon – The Avenger Class

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Truth OR Myth Beta Canon,  a Star Trek web series that dives into the history of any given topic using Beta Canon sources and my own imagination to fill in the gaps… Today’s episode is a little bit different, however, as the Avenger Class I’m presenting here doesn’t actually exist.

Some of the fans of this channel have been making several requests that I create an entirely fictional class of Starship with a backstory that somehow would fit into Alpha and Beta Canon.  Basically, some of you good “Tri-Naries” want to see what I can do when unshackled from any canon whatsoever, and by mixing and matching parts from Star Trek: Online, as well as re-skinning, I’ve been able to do just that!

Because this IS my own bit of fan fiction, all information relaid should pretty much be taken with a grain of stardust.  Though it will contain elements from both Canon and Beta Canon, it should only be considered a little bit of Star Trek Fun!  And so, with all that out of the way, let us begin.

With the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of the Federation fast approaching, Starfleet Command wanted to do something very special to mark the occasion and so, the Avenger Class would be born…

 Avenger Class
(CBS/PWE) The Avenger Class

The United Federation of Planets had been born in the year 2161…

A monumental event, the Federation would become a standing symbol for Peace and Exploration, a shining example of what could be achieved when individual species put aside their differences to become a part of something much greater. And over the next 150 years, the Federation, and its ideals would grow at a steady rate, embracing the belief that one day all the Galaxy would be united in a common cause.

The start of the Federation had been a rocky one. No one had believed at the time that so many species could put aside their differences to become part of the organization for very long. But the United Federation of Planets endured and thrived, and with the 150th Anniversary quickly approaching, in 2311, Member Worlds began planning and preparing for the very special event.

Starfleet Command, an organization that was responsible for bringing the Federation Dream to life,  was also feeling rather nostalgic about the event and wanted to do something very special to mark the occasion. The usual events, such as firework displays and shuttlecraft manoeuvre exercises had all been scheduled and preplanning for those events was well underway, but what could Starfleet do to truly stand out during the festivities?

U.S.S. Excelsior
(Paramount) U.S.S. Excelsior “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”

In 2303, After his successful 13-year stint as Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior, Hikaru Sulu had been promoted to the rank of Admiral and eventually became chief of Starfleet Operations.  And by 2309, almost daily requests by Federation Member Worlds for Starships to support their celebratory events were hitting Admiral Sulu’s desk.

Not really wanting to be upstaged, Admiral Sulu would bring an idea to Starfleet’s Command council meeting, that would see Starfleet Command celebrate the Federation Anniversary in style.

The following is an exert from Admiral Hikaru Sulu’s biographical file recorded in 2321.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since the Federation celebrated its 150 year anniversary.

In my eyes, this was a monumental event and needed to celebrated appropriately, but I was having a really hard time coming up with any very special event to mark this particular occasion.

Then in early 2309, I met up with a few friends from my days serving on the U.S.S. Enterprise, we were all Admirals by this point and generally speaking, these get togethers had become few and far between.

It wasn’t that our affection for one another had dwindled, it was just that the various assignments we had for the Federation had put vast distances between us, making a huge get together almost impossible.

But, there we were, Admirals McCoy, Chekov, Uhura and myself, reminiscing about the old days, remembering those that were no longer with us.

At one point we all got on to the topic of the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Birth of the Federation, and how I couldn’t think of a damn thing to mark the event for Starfleet, something to truly make it shine.

And this started the wheels rolling on us all, trying to figure out what Starfleet could do.”

Admiral Uhura
Admiral Uhura

Then Admiral Uhura, who had been assigned as chief of the federation news Network operating out of Starbase 12, almost absently made the comment that she wondered if Captain Archer and the crew of the NX 01 had truly realized the events they had set in motion, and how those events would impact galactic politics for the rest of time.

Admiral Chekov then said that it was unfortunate he wasn’t around to lead the NX 01, which was in the fleet museum, on one last ceremonious mission.  In fact no one from those times were still around to weigh in on the events.  The last 2 surviving crew members Ambassador T’pol and Admiral Phlox both missing in action several decades beforehand.

It was true the NX-01, like all of the Starship Museum ship were to be undocked, refueled and sent on a month long tour of the Sol System, something I thought neither here no there of, and at the same time I thinking about all those starship request orders that were piling up in my office and that’s when it hit me, why not create a new class of starship, a limited run, to support all these member worlds?

I was very proud of this idea…. Admiral Sulu presented his idea to the Starfleet Command Council, also known as the Admiralty, at the next meeting, and the council loved the idea almost out right. There was one problem they all foresaw though, how to design and construct this starship class in less then 2 years Starfleet Command had left.

Avenger Class Front
(CBS/PWE) The Avenger Class Front Elevation

Undaunted, Sulu would assure the Council that he could get it done, and off he went to put his plan in to action. You see, Admiral Sulu hadn’t only come up with the idea of creating a new starship design, that in itself wouldn’t really mark the occasion, but he had come up with the basic idea FOR that design.

Creating a updated version of the NX Class.

By utilizing the basic shape and construction of the original Warp 5 starship class, updating it with a look and feel of current Starfleet technologies, Sulu felt that the hard part of the design was already completed.

Setting his best team to work on the design project he was amazed when 3 months later, the entire design had been planned out right down to the littlest of details.  And after presenting the design to the Admiralty, this new class would go right in to full production with an order of 10 starships to be constructed.

Naming the new class however, was a more difficult venture… The first warp 5 starship had been named Enterprise, and although it would be fitting to name this class the Enterprise Class, Starfleet turned down this idea, citing the NX-01 already existing in the fleet museum, and the Enterprise B already on missions in the Federation.  A 3rd Enterprise would really make no sense and might end up rather confusing.

Columbia Class
(CBS/PWE) The Columbia Class

The Columbia Class, which itself had been based on the refit version of the NX Class, was also still in service, so it made no sense to name the class after that starship either.

Challenger, Discovery and Atlantis Class names were all considered, but ultimately rejected.  Finally, the decision would be made to name the class after the final NX Class starship constructed, pre-refit version, the U.S.S. Avenger… The Avenger Class would contain all the latest in luxury comfort that Starfleet had to offer.

Since the NX Class of over 150 years ago, much of the technology that had been included in that class had been improved and as a result, was much smaller and easier to install and control then it’s NX counterpart… That meant increased space with in the interior of the vessel.

This space would be utilized for specially constructed guest quarters aboard the ship, these quarters having advanced environmental controls which allow for virtually any species to be comfortable in their native environments while being transported to various destinations.

Also various areas of the ship would be designated as re-creation areas, painstakingly adding versions of rooms from the original NX Class, highly detailed, for those aboard to tour.

Avenger Class Ventral
(CBS/PWE) The Avenger Class Ventral Elevation

Even the Main Bridge would be a re-created version of the NX Class bridge from the Original NX Enterprise, though this room would only physically resemble that bridge, having all internal components conforming to Starfleet standards of the time.

Also included, would be several holographic stations aboard the ship.

These stations would produce various interactive holograms which could answer all historical questions about Starfleet and the United federation of Planets. Some of the Hologram options on the ship included, Captain Archer, Commander T’pol, Captain Georgeou, Captain Pike and Captain James T Kirk.

The 10 Avenger Class starships would all be relegated to support and transport duty to all the Core federation member Worlds during the years 150th Anniversary events, and designed with a cruising speed of Warp Factor 7, these starships would be the cream of the crop during the festivities, with many Ambassadors, and Guests, clamoring for a spot on each of these ships.

The 150th Anniversary of the United Federation of Planets would go off with out a hitch… Chancellor Azetbur of the Klingon Empire would even journey aboard the U.S.S. Avenger for some of the events, making speeches about how Federation and Starfleet must continue their efforts for a long lasting peace between the 2 old Galactic Enemies.

Avenger Class Dorsal
(CBS/PWE) The Avenger Class Dorsal Elevation

After the year long events, Starfleet would assign the 10 Avenger class starships to transport duties with in the core of the Federation. Never intended to be a starship of the line, these starship had been only lightly armed and given their internal designs, it was felt that particular mission profile would best suit them, of course by 2331, the Avenger Class was beginning to show it’s age.  And with Starfleet developing whole new classes of starships, the likes of which no one had seen before, the decision was made to retire this class from service.

And the U.S.S. Avenger itself, the last of the class to be retired, would be polished and fully restored for it’s own inclusion in the fleet museum, where it still inspires Federation member worlds and Starfleet cadets a like.

The Avenger Class paid homage to one of the most important Eras in Starfleet’s and the Federation history, earning this class it well deserved place, in Starfleet history…

Thank you for watching today’s episode of Truth or Myth Beta Canon, what do you think of my random imaginings for this make believe Class?  Do you want me to create more videos like this one?  Well leave your comments in the section below and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

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Thanks again for watching, Live long and prosper…

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