Truth OR Myth? Channels Season 4 Finale

Truth OR Myth? Channels Season 4 Finale

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With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to take a moment to stop and thank all you good “Tri-naries” for all the love and support you have given me and this channel over the past year.

Lets face it, 2020 was a horrible year in general, but making videos and discussing Trek with you good people has truly made this year bearable for me, and I hope at least a little bit better for you…

I often get asked the question, or variations thereof, of What does Star Trek mean to me?  Well for me, it’s hope and community.  Hope for a brighter future where we no longer judge people by the colour of their skin, their sexual preference or their religious views and community, where we all come together as one, to solve problems, to debate, to discuss and generally have a rip-roaring good time.

Star Trek is and has always been important since the moment it aired, using science fiction settings to tell socially relevant stories of the time.  Making anyone watching the show step back and think, and wonder, questioning their own beliefs on the topic, and imagining a better way.  This still holds true today.

To make the regular content for this show I’m constantly immersing myself in it…  Picking an episode apart, doing behind the scenes research of the show, or reading Beta Canon like there’s no tomorrow, and what fascinates me is I never get bored of it, everything I do for this channel reveals some little nugget or hidden truth id never seen before or even considered.  This is perhaps part of the lasting power of Trek.  The ability of the various shows to keep our imaginations burning, to keep us looking and striving not only for the messages with in an episode or series but to better ourselves.

(CBS) Ensign Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) & Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid)

Indeed 2020 was no picnic, but Star Trek: Lower Deck opened many peoples eyes once again to possibilities of Star Trek, this time through laughter and comedy, something many people didn’t think was possible, yet Lower Decks has already earned its place in the hearts of many Star Trek fans.

And true to pattern, Star Trek: Discovery season 3 is making it’s mark on fandom, bringing more and more new fans to the franchise while simultaneously turning those fans that didn’t like it or were on the fence about it squarely into the I Love the 2nd Golden age of Star Trek camp, and that warms my heart.

There’s always going to be haters, people who see it as their duty to bring another person down because of their likes or dislikes, those people of course, missing the very basic fundamentals of the show they claim to cherish, and this will never change, but the bulk of fandom, which includes you and I good listeners know what it truly means to respect the franchise and fandom that surrounds it.

Though I do on rare occasions get fans that try and make a toxic, disrespectful post in the comments section over all those posts are few and far between, and as you all I’m sure are aware by now, I don’t back down from the channels promise to be a non-toxic environment for all fans of all Star trek.  I don’t hesitate to ban those that don’t follow the fundamentals of star trek, they don’t deserve my time or yours.

that has never meant that you have to love every series of Star Trek, not at all, but you do have to be respectful about your opinion, whether its a yay or a nay, this, of course, is the end of Season 4 of the channel, and like I said, season 4’s videos, interacting with you all has been such a highlight of my year. 

(CBS) The Refit USS Discovery From Season 3
So what can you expect from season 5 of this channel?

Well, season 4 saw me dive into Beta Canon, to give you good “Tri-naries” a little bit of Star Trek fun, and that’s going to continue.  But the change to S5 will be how that Beta Canon is presented, currently, it’s all under the Truth OR Myth banner, which was my outlet for opinion pieces and starship lore videos, basically a web series that was my blanket series for everything that didn’t fit elsewhere in the various other series I created.  And I’m sure most of you have seen that Truth OR Myth has grown and become so much more then it was originally intended to be.

So Starting in January, when season 5 return, Truth OR Myth will be getting its own Beta Canon Banner Series, that way its more easily separated from the alpha canon videos and opinion pieces the series is known for. Other than that everything else will be business as usual.  Back Trek and my historical overview of the entire history of Star Trek will return along with continuing the Trek Facts look into handheld weaponry of the different eras, also the new year will see live streams beginning, where we can interact with each other on a more informal basis now that my cam and internet can handle it.

Also, this hiatus will be slightly different, as there will be some new videos released during this period, though no new narrated content.  That’s because, as I continue to go through my Star Trek archives I’m realizing just how many little treasures I have in it to share with you all.  Interviews, specials etc are flooding my hard drives, and If I don’t post them in the interest of preserving them for posterity, on a continual basis, then that task will become endless.

So when I do return in January, it will actually be with an Alpha Canon Truth OR Myth, something I haven’t done for a while and will be a multipart event as when I began to map out season 5 I realized I had forgotten something and it was a glaring alpha Canon hole I decided to finally fill, so I hope you’ll enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you in the New year.

So finally, I just want to say thank you ALL again, your continued support and love means a great deal to me and I personally want to wish all of you a safe and Happy Holiday season and New Year.

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So from me to you, once last time this year, Live Long and Prosper my friends, Take care, and see you in January…

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