Truth OR Myth? Error, Error, Mistakes! Star Trek: TNG (Part 1)

Hello and welcome or Truth OR Myth! In today’s episode, we’re switching gears and taking a fun and fast look at Episodes 1-6 of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1.

With so many compliments on my TOS Mistakes, videos I’ve decided to expand the series and include errors made in the TNG series. It should be noted that only canon (Facts) will be looked at in this series. So explanations outside canon such as comics, book or video games aren’t valid sources to explain away the mistakes… So with that let us begin…

(CBS) “Encounter At Farpoint”


Even though this episode is the pilot episode of a new series I won’t be treating it any differently than any other episodes mistakes I review.

Picard says the Farpoint Station is on the edge of explored space. That being said does it really make sense for the Enterprise to heading there to pick up officers? Why would Starfleet ship it’s officers to an unknown station where there are some unanswered questions to be investigated? It’s not like Farpoint Station is a midway point…

When attempting to locate Lieutenant Commander Data, Riker asks the computer for instructions on how to get to the holodeck. The computer dutifully complies giving the 24th century equivalent of GPS directions to Riker. the problem here is though the computer says it’s the next door on the right, Riker heads left and STILL ends up in the right holodeck.

Another problem in the holodeck scene occurs when Riker asks Data if his degree is honorary. This is a problem since shortly before Riker says he looked up Data’s Service Record. If that’s true wouldn’t he already know that Data earned his degree?

And finally, the holodeck itself is a source of explainable errors. In this episode, Wesley falls into a puddle and gets soaked… We’re told in various episodes that matter from the holodeck can’t exist outside of the holodeck. We’ve seen in various episodes that object such as a book disappear when leaving the holodeck, but yet pieces of paper stay solid… How exactly does it work then? What is real and what is holographic? So should Wesley be soaked after leaving? If you think about it, it will give you a headache!

The Special Effects guys of this episode attempt to pull a fast one on us in this episode. the destruction of the Bandi City is actually the same sequence used over and over again only having been reversed to make it look like another shot…

If the attacking life form could fire energy beams at the surface of the planet why doesn’t it just fire energy at its mate? that way its mate could rise and the attack could continue without the risk that the Bandi would retaliate against their captured prey…

(CBS) “The Naked Now”


Throughout this episode, Picard is SO concerned about the star’s imminent destruction. If that’s true why didn’t he simply lock a tractor beam on the Ship and tow it away from the star?

Why can’t Dr Crusher see the drunken effect on her son? Should she of all people be able to notice even the slightest variation of his behaviour?

When Riker is having Data search for references of naked people in showers, he casually sits on one of the back consoles. Wouldn’t that be like sitting on a Keyboard?

Speaking of Wesley, when he takes over engineering why doesn’t Riker just beam into the cut-off area instead of spending so much time trying to cut off the repulsor field?

Why is Dr Crusher so worried about quarantining Riker? The ship is overrun with the infected crew member and yet only LaForge is restrained in Sickbay, that seems odd.

Data is an android, so how exactly did he get infected? Aren’t we told in so many episodes that is impossible?

Riker handles the disease effects very well all things considered. He was touched by Troi and yet seems to be in full control up to the point in which he is cured. On the reverse, Picard almost immediately is affected after only breathing in Crushers breath…

Back to Picard’s worry waiting on everyone about the star. He spends too much time throughout the episode on that point yet when Worf says he’s getting some strange readings in regards to the star, Picard tells Worf to wait… Does that make sense?

Watch Dr Crushers hair after giving LaForge a Hypo-Shot. When with LaForge, her hair is immaculate, full of volume. But then in her office, her hair is suddenly flat…

(CBS) “Code Of Honor”


After Luton kidnaps Yar, the crew of the Enterprise are basically running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do. In all of this, no one suggests the most obvious course of action, locking on to Yar’s comm-badge and beaming her back.

In Encounter at Farpoint, Picard describes the functions on the right side panel of the Captain’s chair which includes the ships intercom system. However in this episode, Picard reaches for the left side of his chair to use the intercom…

During the scene where LaForge and Data are discussing the human condition while LaForge Shaves, watch LaForges Razor, it jumps around furiously.

Also in the scene where the boxes of weapons are delivered to Yar to prepare for the challenge, watch those boxes. They seem to move position.

Just before the battle between Yar and Yarina begins, the rules for the combat are said allowed. One of the rules included that the combat wouldn’t be stopped until someone had won. Why then does Luton stop the fight when Yarina loses her weapon? First isn’t that a common occurrence in hand to hand combat? Second, isn’t that going totally against his goal of obtaining Yarina’s lands and property?

When combating both Yar and Yarina have their weapons on their left hands, why then when beamed aboard the Enterprise is Yar’s weapon suddenly in her right hand?

(CBS) “The Last Outpost”


During this episode Troi senses deceit from the Ferengi, I thought Betazoids couldn’t sense Ferengi? See Manage A Troi.

Did Picard just swear in French?

When contacting the Ferengi, Picard says at least we won’t open with weakness. The Problem is that he says that after the Haling Frequency noise goes off meaning that the Ferengi would have heard that…

Another instance of this occurs when Yar suddenly jumps in with an attack plan while the frequency is still open… is that just part of her tactical plan to intimidate the Ferengi?

All throughout this episode, the Ferengi Vessel’s forward section keeps extending and retracting… Given the same power drain effect happening on their vessel does it make sense for them to continue to do that?

When beaming down to the surface of the planet why doesn’t Riker try contacting the rest of his team on his communicator? Isn’t that what they’re there for? Yes later on data discovers the comm badges aren’t working, but at this point, Riker has no clue that they won’t…

When the Enterprise is drained of all power why is gravity still functional? Shouldn’t that be off-line as well?

(CBS) “Where No One Has Gone Before”


At the beginning of the episode, we find out Kosinski is coming on board the Enterprise to test new intermix formulas for the warp drive. Yet in the episode Coming Of Age, Wesley Crusher deduces that the computers question about intermix formulas was a trick question because there is only 1 intermix formula, a ratio of 1 to 1. So either Picard’s statements are wrong, or Wesley and the other cadet hopefuls are wrong since both cannot be true…

After the first Warp drive test, the Enterprise is hurtled into a distant section of the galaxy. data explains that it will take 51 years, 10 months, 9 weeks and 16 days for a signal to reach back to the Federation. 9 weeks and 16 days? huh? Shouldn’t it actually be 52 Years, 3 weeks and 2 days? Since there are a little over 4 weeks in a month and a week is 7 days?

When Picard makes a log entry he says they’re 1 billion light years from their Galaxy. How does Picard know they’re 1 billion light years from their galaxy? There are no stars, no beacons to confirm this and Data says they never exceeded warp 1.5…

Watch the Warp Core during this episode and ask yourself how exactly do the doughnut blue lights work? During the first test, the lights start slowly thumping and then speed up as the Enterprise travels faster and faster. Then during the 2nd test, they speed up before the Traveler even begins doing anything. Then finally in the 3rd test, the lights are going super fast until Wesley stands up when suddenly they’re thumping away slowly again…


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