Truth OR Myth? Error, Error, Mistakes! Star Trek: TNG (Part 5)

Well, here we are again, Hello and welcome to Truth or Myth? In today’s episode, we’re taking a fun and fast look at the mistakes made in the last 5 episodes of Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I love making these videos, but unlike my Starship or Discussion videos, these generally take a LOT more time to make. And that’s why they aren’t popping up as often as they once did…

Just a reminder, if you want to explain away any of the mistakes then it has to be with in-universe canon explanations only. So Novels, Video games, tech Manuals and your 3rd Cousin Bob twice removed are NOT valid sources to explain away the mistakes. With all that out of the way, let’s begin!

(CBS) “Symbiosis” – TNG S1X22


This episode was really well done when it comes to mistakes. As you’ll be able to see there are very few of them. But this episode does raise a question for me in regards to the bio-filters. In this episode, Picard suggests that the Transporters Bio-filters could have screened out the Supposed disease the Ornarans have. That’s all well and good, and Jives with some of the other episodes all throughout the TNG Era series.

But then why does it only work sometimes? Why can’t the transporter be used as a curing machine? For example in the episode “Angel One,” why doesn’t Doctor Crusher simply send all the infected crew through the Transporter to get rid of the virus? This episode sure points out the fact that the bio-filters are no more than a plot device, to be useful or not work at all when the story requires it…

At the end of this episode, Laforge says the Enterprise’s heading is 970 mark 318… Unfortunately in the Episode “DataLore,” the audience gets an explanation on courses and directions. So basically a course can only be 360 degrees by 360 degrees, so this can not be right at all…

(CBS) “Skin of Evil” – TNG S1X23

Skin of Evil

When Armus is preventing communications between the downed shuttle and the Enterprise why doesn’t Troi simply beam thoughts into Riker’s head, you know, as she did with her Imzadi in “Encounter at Farpoint?”

Watch LaForges Phaser in the Riker Sludge Scene. Right after Riker is taken by Armus, the team runs up to the edge of the oil slick. When they do, LaForges phaser pop out of its holster. Does this seem like a good holster design?

Watch the Cloud Pattern while “Holo-Yar” is saying her goodbyes to the crew, they are really different between close-ups and long shots…

(CBS) “we’ll always have Paris” – TNG S1X24

We’ll Always Have Paris

Watch Picard’s towel when he heads to the bridge, after sitting down in the Captain’s chair it continually changes its position. Maybe it’s part of Manheim’s Experiment?

Ships heading and direction are off again in this episode. For a set of coordinates to make sense at all it has to be 3 numbers. remember, Space is 3 dimensional. So you Need an x-axis a y-axis and a z-axis for any and all coordinates. Yet after the first distress call were told the coordinates where the Enterprise is to travel to but the problem here is, there are only 2 sets, yet somehow, the Enterprise arrives where it’s supposed too…

Another one of those position changing mistakes. Watch Picard as he enters the holodeck. First, the Eiffel Tower is directly in front of him just beyond the table where the 2 lovelies are sitting. Then he walks with the waiter to his table and decides to head to the left and check out the view. Once again the Eiffel Tower is in front of him, how can this be?

Watch the Nurse helping Manheim on to the table. At first, his hands are up in the air, but suddenly in the next shot, they’re on his shoulders…

Ok so Picard’s old love flame wants answers, and so she discusses the facts of what had happened between them 22 years prior and asks Picard why he didn’t show up at the cafe. She also mentions she waited all day for him and that it was raining. Later on Picard recreates the cafe just as it was 22 years ago and we can clearly see it’s an open air cafe. So does this mean she sat in rain all day waiting for Picard?

At the end of the episode during the antimatter data scene Data exclaims, it’s ME! Does this seem right? First, off we’re told Data can not use contractions in many episodes, second, it’s Bad grammar. The correct phrase would be “It is I,” And that response would fit better with the speech patterns we’ve seen from data before and After this episode.

(CBS) “Conspiracy” – TNG S1X25


At the beginning of this episode Riker orders LaForge to increase speed to Warp 6, LaForges response is a bit odd though. Full Impulse… Huh?

So Walker Keel has some trust issues he needs to work out, but that isn’t the real problem. this Starfleet captain sent a secret communication to Picard, Had Picard rendezvous in Secret with him and told Picard not only not to Trust anyone, but also that the meeting did not take place as far as Starfleet Command was concerned. Given the nature of what he believed this makes sense… Why then, when Picard is leaving does he tell Picard to say hi to Beverly for him? Wouldn’t that defeat the entire purpose of EVERYTHING he had said and done up to this point? Either way though, Picard NEVER gives Beverly the message…

Odd? When Data is reviewing all Starfleet command decisions we get a great view of Starfleet data running across his screen. Then suddenly we see a parrot. What exactly does a Parrot have to do with Starfleet Command Decisions?

When Riker is being pummeled by Super Quinn, he calls for security. Next thing we know Worf and LaForge are running to the Admirals Quarters. How does this make any sense? Sure Worf makes sense, but LaForge? What happened to all the yellow-shirted security officers on the ship?

This is another one of those poor examples of Worfs abilities. When Riker gets flung over the table by Super Quinn, he comes back fighting, even though he ultimately loses. Worf however gets knocked unconscious. I’m having “Rascals,” flashbacks suddenly…

(CBS) “The Neutral Zone” – TNG S1X26

The Neutral Zone

Ok, so why exactly is Enterprise hanging out in Space while Picard shuttles to the Starbase? I mean we know from when Picard returns that speed is of the essence. So why didn’t the Enterprise herself merely go to the Starbase in the first place? Or once Picard found out the nature of the emergency why didn’t he have the Enterprise Warp to the Starbase to get him?

So here’s one of those, “we did it for the plot,” moments… When Riker is explaining 24th Century things to the Cryo People, Picard Pages him. Riker then strolls over and uses a button above the replicator to respond to Picard. Huh? When has anyone EVER used a button to respond to a page? Don’t they always simply tap their comm badge to reply? Of course, if he hadn’t of done that, Offenhouse wouldn’t know how to use the comm panel later on the episode to annoy Picard.

Speaking of the Comm Panel/ Annoy Picard Scene, later on when Picard goes to see Offenhouse to spank him for using them, he lies to Offenhouse. Picard says they are for official ships business only. Since when has THAT been true? We see ALL through out the series that communication is for anyone to use for any reason aboard the ship.

When Offenhouse strolls on the bridge, Riker ORDERS him removed by security. Security officers grab him but then leave him on the bridge during the entire exchange with the Romulans. Is this appropriate Starfleet officer behaviour?


Well, that’s it for Season 1, thank you for watching today’s episode. See something I’ve missed? or do you have a canon explanation for one of the mistakes I’ve presented? Then leave a comment on the YouTube video below. 

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