Truth OR Myth – Error, Error, Mistakes! Star Trek: TOS (S2 Part 1)

Well, here we are again, Hello and welcome to Truth or Myth? In today’s episode, we’re taking a fun and fast look at the mistakes made in the first 5 episode of Season 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series. Just a reminder, if you want to explain away any of the mistakes in this video then it has to be with in-universe canon explanations only. So Novels, Video games, tech Manuals and your 4th Hamster Olga are NOT valid sources to explain away the mistakes. So, With all that out of the way, let’s begin!

(CBS) ” Amok Time” – TOS S2X01

Amok Time

Ok, so the end of this episode presents us with a little bit of a problem. After Spock Kills Kirk, McCoy says it might be weird but Spock is in command of the Enterprise. Does this seem right? Does Starfleet really have no regulations in regards to a first officer killing his Captain to gain command of a ship? Is this the mirror universe?

(CBS) ” Who Mourns for Adonais?” – TOS S2X02

Who Mourns For Adonais

Here is a prime example of technology lost to the 24th Century. Sulu sets the tractor beam to repel. That’s right that means a Century before Picard and Company venture into deep space a simple switch could be pressed and the tractor beam would repel an object instead of hold it or bring it into the ship. Why then in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s episode, “The Naked Now” cant their Tractor Beam do the same thing? Why does it take Boy Wonder to reprogram and think it out to make it happen?

Kirks Communicator is having some issues during the end of the episode. When Kirk decides the Enterprise should fire on Apollos Temple during the storm he grabs his communicator and flicks his wrist to open it, but it doesn’t open. So The ever commanding Captain flicks his wrist again and this time it does open. The problem here is that during both Wrist Flicks the communicator makes the beeping sounds associated with open communicator…

And finally, watch Apollo during this episode. First behind his head is a Tree… Then he grows big, and the Tree is Still behind his head… How is that possible? Did the Tree Grow with him?

(CBS) ” The Changeling” – TOS S2X03

The Changeling

One of the Biggest problems I have with this episode is about how Kirk and the Crew of the Enterprise don’t know how to deal with Nomad. Why not just beam it back out into space with the widest possible energy dispersion… Like how they did with Mr Hengist, the jack the ripper lifeform? See TOS- “The Wolf in the Fold“.

Another problem I have with this episode is in regards to Uhura’s retraining. I mean come on. Do they really want us to believe that within a week someone could be completely trained? What’s the point in having an academy then? Just post new officers on the ship and in a week they’re ready to go! And as a side note, the facilities aboard the Enterprise MUST be better than the ones on Vulcan. it takes their learning facilities 3 months to train Spocks Mind back to it’s Vulcan Self, and that’s with Spock’s mind not even being completely wiped…

Wait, so Nomad fires 3 energy bolts with the equivalent energy of 90 Photon Torpedoes each and the Enterprise’s shields absorb all 3… That’s equal to 270 Photon Torpedoes total… See the problem here?

The whole Idea of Nomad merging with a soil sampling Probe really makes no sense. Even if it were possible on a metaphysical and technological level it doesn’t explain where or how Nomad gained its planet-killing abilities… Would either the Soil Sampling Probe or the Original Nomad be equipped with this ability? Does that make any sense?

Watch Nomad as he leaves Sickbay… Suddenly when the shot changes, he seems to be exiting a turbo lift…

(CBS) “Mirror-Mirror” – TOS S2X04

Mirror, Mirror

This is actually a favourite episode of mine, but when watching it for this video with an unbiased eye one thing I have to admit is how impossible this really is. You really cant have 2 universes so in sync like this at least not for very long. Think about it, these 2 Enterprises are on the same mission, with the same orders to negotiate during the same Ion Storm. Given the differences that Kirk hears when he asks for the service record this really doesn’t seem possible…

When Kirk calls for transport at the beginning of the episode, Kirk closes his communicator and drops his arm. Yet when Kirk appears on the Transporter Pad before crossing into the Mirror Universe his arm is raised as if he’s still talking into a communicator…

If you look at the interior of the Mirror Enterprise everywhere you look there is the symbol of the Terran Empire. Why then is the outside of the ship the exact same as our universe’s Enterprise? Shouldn’t there be tons of symbols there? Especially since we know decal wise, ships in the Mirror Universe like to adorned on the outside as well, See Star Trek: Enterprise, “In a Mirror Darkly“…

When Kirk makes his log entries he’s continually saying stardate unknown… but why is it unknown? Does the Empire not have stardates? Could he not simply look this up? And if he’s making a log entry based for our universe, meaning he intends to take it with him, then wouldn’t he know what the stardate in our universe is? That as a whole doesn’t make much sense anyhow, as to how would he intend to take these log entries with him?

During the Let’s fight Spock in Sickbay Scene, they really did a horrible job picking Spock’s stunt double. Every time it is the Double, Suddenly Spock has Curly hair…

Why Marlena is saving Kirk from being killed by Sulu in sickbay does she not kill Sulu as well?

So if you watch the scene where Kirk and Company arrive back in our universe you can see security officers standing nearby. Presumably, we’re to believe that our Spock beamed back the Evil Kirk and company at the same time our Kirk and company beamed back to our universe. It again just seems impossible that these 2 events would line up so perfectly…

(CBS) “The Apple” – TOS S2X05

The Apple

In contrast to the Previous episode, I’m not a fan of this one at all…

When Spock finds a lightweight rock and tosses it explodes, yet when he snaps the rock in half it doesn’t… Shouldn’t it have exploded from that action alone?

When Lieutenant Martha Landon comments that without Val this planet would be a paradise I almost want to throw something at the screen… I mean come on, a planet without Val but with exploding Rocks and poisonous dart shooting plants is what she considers a paradise? really?

During one scene on the Bridge of The Enterprise, Scotty slides back in the Captains Chair and if you watch you can see the Chair’s pedestal actually lifts a little. Shouldn’t this fixture on the bridge have been constructed a little better than this?

If Spock’s tricorder can detect and analyze Vals forcefield, to the point where Spock can tell Kirk it extends 30 feet from Val, then why did he walk into it in the first place?

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