Truth OR Myth – Historical Files – The Klingon Empire – Pt 2

Hello and welcome to Truth or Myth. In today’s episode, we take a look at part 2 of the historical events that shaped the Klingon Empire from Star Trek: Discovery through to the beginning of the TNG Era of Star Trek.

(CBS) T’Kuvma – “Vulcan Hello” – DSC 1×01

In 2256, T’Kuvma, a noble Klingon, attempted to the to unify the 24 great houses and through a war against the United Federation of Planets. Like Kahless the Unforgettable before him, he believed that a war was the only way this could be accomplished. Also his belief that the Federation stood for cultural dilution of all species in the galaxy hiding behind a line of peace, T’Kuvma used the what would come to be known as the Battle of the Binary Stars as a catalyst for his goals.

But the empire was so unstable at the time that even this war became another tool for the individual houses to show their superiority over one another. it should be noted that this year was also the first time a true Klingon Cloaking device was used.

After being Martyred at the Battle, the Empire was ruled by General Kol of the House of Kor. But when his ship was destroyed by the USS Discovery, the individual houses went back to waring with each other as well as the Federation.

All seemed bleak for the Feds at this point as a Klingon fleet was at Earths doorstep ready to attack. this was suddenly stopped however when the Empire, with the help of the aforementioned USS Discovery, was seized by a Klingon female named L’Rell.

(CBS) Organians in Transition – “Errand of Mercy” – TOS 1×26

After all these events, the relations between the Empire and the Federation remained cold. In 2267 negotiations between the 2 powers broke down completely with the Klingons once again declaring war on the Federation and seizing many Federation planets including Organia.

This war ended abruptly when the Organians, an omnipotent species, forced it to end and the Organian Peace Treaty was created stabilizing the quadrant like never before.

Despite the treaty, however, skirmishes continued between the 2 superpowers. Like the Romulan Neutral Zone, the same type of border was created between the Empire and the Federation, entry in to by either side constituted an act of war, though this was hardly ever enforced.

During this time Nimbus 3, a planetary system on the border of Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire was converted and renamed the Planet of Galactic Peace. A test bed where all 3 sides were supposed to live in harmony and learn to accept each other’s differences. Unfortunately, though this experiment ended in a failure as the planet itself became a beacon for all the dregs of the galaxy.

(CBS) Romulan D7 – “The Enterprise Incident” – TOS – 3×02

The Klingon Empire also entered into a temporary alliance with the Romulan Empire by the year 2268. Though short-lived this alliance allowed for the exchange of technologies, including the Romulan’s much superior, cloaking technology.

However by 2271 the Alliance was over and Commander Kor led the Klingon Empire to a major victory over the Romulan Star Empire in the Battle known to them as the Battle of Klack D’kel Brakt, or the Battle of the Briar Patch. Since that point, both Empires have officially regarded themselves as blood enemies.

After the Klingons loss of ships in the V’ger incident, relations became much more relaxed between the 2 superpowers. That is until 2285 when a Klingon Commander named Kruge discovered the Federation had a weapon of mass destruction named the Genesis device and while attempting to obtain the device to restore the balance of power was killed. This made the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation Kamarag proclaim a vendetta against one the Federations biggest heroes of the Time, James T Kirk and the Federation itself.

Further skirmishes followed but when Praxis a Klingon moon orbiting Qu’Nos exploded causing an ecological disaster for the Klingon Homeworld, the Empire turned to the Federation for assistance.

Peace didn’t come easily though. With elements within both powers conspiring to keep the two sides separate and warring. This ultimately failed with the peace process going forward and the signing of the Khitomer Accords, a treaty which became the foundation for peace between The United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.

(CBS) Enterprise C – “Yesterdays Enterprise” – TNG 3×15

Even with this treaty, however, and the formal cessation of hostility between the 2 powers it wasn’t until the actions of the Captain and Crew of the Enterprise C that cemented the peace process taking it from strained tolerance to open friendship.

In 2344 the Romulans fearing any alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Federation attacked the Narendra 3 outpost. The Enterprise C under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett rushed to help the Outpost but unfortunately was destroyed in the process. This was considered a very honourable act by the Empire and shifted the empires views on the Federation considerably. So although the Romulan Attack was meant to separate the 2 powers, even more, it’s because of them that a final strong peace was established.

The Romulans continued to attack the Empire, and in 2346 they attacked the Khitomer planet itself killing almost 4000 colonists. Once again it was a Federation starship, the USS Intrepid that was the first to respond to the distress call, though it was too late to do anything about the Romulan attack itself.

Seeing this pattern of co-operation between the 2 powers worried the Empire and cause them to abruptly end the hostilities and withdrawing into their own borders, opting for a breakdown between the 2 powers that they saw as inevitable. This, of course, wouldn’t happen, at least not until the Klingon Cardassian War seen in Deep Space 9’s 4th season…


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