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Hello and welcome to Truth OR Myth, in today’s episode we’re counting down my top 10 Favorite Star Trek Episodes.  If you haven’t seen a particular Trek series please note, there could be spoilers!  And lastly, this is an opinion piece, meaning it’s not factual but personal…  So it’s not about what the entire fan base thinks or what you might think are the best episodes, it’s about what episodes have touched me in a way that makes them MY favourite…  So with all that out of the way, let’s begin…

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what are my favourite Star Trek Episodes.

Well here it is, ask and you shall receive!

(CBS) “The Ship” – DS9 S5X02

Number 10 – DS9 –The Ship

Who doesn’t love a mystery thriller?  In this season 5 Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode called the Ship, Captain Sisko, Worf Dax and O’Brien find a downed Dominion Ship and are intent on salvaging it at all costs.  Meanwhile, a fantastically creepy Vorta Female and her Jem Hadar underlings intend to take the ship back yet surprisingly won’t attack the ship directly.  So it ends up a battle of wills and a race against time until it’s ending when it’s message suddenly becomes crystal clear and I love it.

(CBS) “Immunity Syndrome” – TOS S2X18

Number 9 – TOS – The Immunity Syndrome

What says SCIFI more than a space-dwelling amoeba intent on eating up the galaxy, answer nothing.  The Season 2 Star Trek: The Original Series episode The Immunity Syndrome is just the right balance between drama and actions for me.  Captain Kirk and crew battle this Galactic threat while seemly trapped and sending Commander Spock to an apparent death, for me this episode always left me on the edge of my seat with my attention completely focused on the screen, it’s an excellently crafted episode.

(CBS) “Best of Both Worlds” TNG S3X26/S4X01

Number 8 – TNG – The Best Of Both Worlds

Hailed fan base wide as the best Star Trek Episode ever created, the Star Trek: The Next Generation 2 Part Episode The Best Of Both Worlds is filled with action, thrills and mysteries.  It also had one of the most bone-chilling cliff hanger endings ever created.  In this episode, the Borg are back and heading straight for Earth and nothing seems to be able to stop them.  The Enterprise D plays cat and mouse with the Borg delaying them in an effort to allow Starfleet time to prepare to defeat the Borg.  Then suddenly the game changes when Captain Jean Luc Picard is kidnapped and assimilated by the Borg forcing the good Captain to use ALL his years of Starfleet Knowledge against the institution he had pledged his life to defend.  this certainly is one of, if not the best episodes of Trek ever created.

(CBS) “Mirror, Mirror” TOS S2X04

Number 7 – TOS – Mirror, Mirror

Alternate Universes have always fascinated me and this episode was the one that started it all for me.  the Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2 episode Mirror, Mirror, shows us an alternate, parallel universe where instead of the nice friendly going exploration force of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, we have Human Empire that’s sole mission is conquest and subjugation of All life in the Galaxy.  Ruthless and duplicitous, this Terran Empire allows the audience to experience their favourite Trek Characters as the villains and George Takei in this episode is particularly fantastic at playing a bad guy.  But this episode also has a great message as it shows how easily we could become that which we claim not to be.

(CBS) “Mine Field” ENT S2X03

Number 6 – ENT – Minefield

This entry might surprise you all a bit but hey what can I say?  I just love this episode.  In this Season 2 Enterprise episode called Minefield, a chunk blown out of the NX 01’s hull causes the crew of the Enterprise to realize they’re smack dab in the middle of a cloaked minefield.  Add to that another more devastating mine has attached itself to the ship and Malcolm Reed sent out to defuse it ends up with a magnetic spike from said mine attaching itself to the ships hull through Reeds legs and you’re left with an intriguing episode that deals with some of the Star Trek Fundamentals directly.  IE, Wanting to give one’s life to save the ship, and the We don’t leave anyone behind.  Though there are a few canonical issues with this episode that could easily have been fixed, I really don’t care, something about this episode hit the right buttons for me as to what a Trek Episode should be like…

(CBS) “Bride Of Chaotica” Voy S5X12

Number 5 – VOY – Bride Of Chaotica

This episode is just pure fun.  being primarily another holodeck malfunction episode, this Star Trek: Voyager episode titled Bride of Chaotica lets Kate Mulgrew sink her very talented acting chops into a character so far removed from Janeway while at the same time so close to Janeway that it really boggles my mind!  When Photonic lifeforms end up in a war with Chaotica a Villain created for the holodeck by Tom Paris, it’s up to Janeway to enter that world as Arachnia Queen of the Spider People in an effort to end the war and free Voyager.  The lines in this episode are just great, and Mulgrew delivers them brilliantly.  this episode alone is a shining example of why so many people are justified in loving Mulgrew, it’s a brilliantly fun episode.

(CBS) “Endgame” VOY S7X25

Number 4 – VOY – Endgame

Whoa, ANOTHER Voyager episode?  I might be creating a dangerous precedent here and probably shocking those people that think I hate Voyager for some unknown reason.  Endgame is Star Trek: Voyagers Series Finale and for me the best of all finales.  I think the biggest reason for me liking it so much is the fact it isn’t perfect, it somehow, for me, feels more real.  In this episode a future Admiral Janeway decides to Heck with the Temporal Prime Directive, heads back in time in an effort to send Voyager home early by using a Borg transwarp Hub.  Ultimately teaming up with her younger self, the Janeways end up concocting a plan that sees Voyager successfully reach Earth while at the same time dealing a huge blow to the Borg Collective.  This is another one of those balanced episodes, having just the right amount of every trait that makes an episode great.

(CBS) “The Doomsday Machine” TOS S2X06

Number 3 – TOS – The Doomsday Machine

Another one of those SCIFI entities a danger to the Galaxy Episode, this Star Trek: The Original Series episode title the Doomsday Machine shows us a different side of Starfleet, a kind of crazy one.  Commodore Decker who is Captain of the Constellation, a Constitution Class Starship wrecked by the Doomsday Machine, an entity that devours planets for fuel, takes over the Enterprise in an effort to redeem himself and stop this threat after losing his entire crew to the Planet Killer.  Meanwhile, Kirk and a small repair team trapped on the Constellation do everything they can to get that ship operational in order to help out the Enterprise before SHE is destroyed.  William Windom who plays Decker in this episode does an excellent job of displaying both confidence and mental instability.  And when I watched this episode for the first time ever I can remember you could cut the tension with a phaser welder during it’s last will they save Kirk Scene, as a result this episode has ALWAYS been way up on the list of favourites for me…

(CBS) “Such Sweet Sorrow” DSC S2X14

Number 2 – DSC – Such Sweet Sorrow

This one might shock a few people, but I gotta say, this episode blew me away.  I firmly believe that the Best Trek is always a balance between Intelligence, drama, Fun and Action…  that’s what an adventure is after all isn’t it?  And Star Trek: Discovery’s episode Such Sweet Sorrow pushed all the right buttons for me.  Now I’m not going to give away much of the story here since there are still some people that haven’t seen it, however with the inclusion of the Enterprise and it’s it fantastic interiors, this season finale was spectacular.  And it’s ending wow!  It also opens up the future of Discovery for great storytelling.  As soon as I saw this I said yep this is number 2.  It has all the magic of the Original Series with a modern epic space battle that will blow you away…  Well done Discovery, well done…

And now for some honourable mentions…

  • ENT- In A Mirror, Darkly
  • TOS- The Ultimate Computer
  • TNG- The Drumhead
  • TNG- Disaster
  • DS9- In The Pale Moonlight
  • VOY- Scorpion (2 Parter)
  • VOY- Timeless
(CBS) “Living Witness” VOY S4X23

Number 1 – VOY – Living Witness

Why the heck in over 50 years of Trek would I have Star Trek: Voyagers Living Witness as my Favorite episode?  Well, let me tell you.  First Janeway is one of my favourite characters of all time and this is another episode where Mulgrew shines in that role.  But for anyone who’s watched or remember my Hero Or Villain Janeway Truth OR Myth episodes you’d probably be scratching your head.  You see Living Witness shows the Janeway that was always there.  Instead of hiding behind mental instability and random rules that only apply when she wants, this Janeway just goes out right and does everything with no apology given.  It’s almost like a Mirror Universe Episode with no Mirror Universe since Deep Space 9 Kind of screwed that up.  Add to that the performance of Picardo as the Doctor on both the Evil Voyager and his normal Character and you’ve got a fun romp that for me, can not be beaten.  It kind of makes me wish that this was the Voyager series we had gotten…


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