Truth OR Myth- Star Trek: Discovery, Easter Egg Hunt! (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to Truth OR Myth. In today’s episode (Part 1) we are taking a look Star Trek Easter Eggs in the first half of season 1 of Star Trek Discovery in honour of its season 3 renewal. I hope you enjoy.

Every subsequent series after Star Trek: The Original Series had them. Those little nods to the series that had come before them. Those are called Easter Eggs, and Star Trek: Discovery is no stranger to them.

What better way is there to connect a new series with what came before it, then by showing the symbol that has become synonymous with Star Trek itself? This, of course, is Starfleet Emblem or Delta that has been present in Star Trek since it’s conception.

(CBS) Captains Philippa Georgiou’s Ready Room – “Vulcan Hello” – DSC 1×01

Another great connect comes from the mentioning of various Klingon House of the 24 Great Houses of the Empire. These include House D’Ghor, from the Star Trek Deep Space 9 Episode House of Quark, and House Mo’Kai which everyone will Remember Janeway Spouts off while sporting her ridges!

The Vulcan Learning Center, though a more recent visual addition to The Trek universe coming from JJ Abrahms 2009 movie Star Trek, also makes an appearance here.

When the Federation Fleet shows up we get bombarded with various names of Starfleet Starships. If you listen closely you’ll see that many of them are Easter Eggs to Trek itself. Some of these are, such as the T’Plana-Hath and the Yeager are sure to be familiar to any Trek fan. The first being from Star Trek 4, the Matron of Vulcan Philosophy and the second being that Ugly Kitbashed Starship Class from Deep Space 9. Also included is the Earhart, presumingly named after Amelia Earhart in Star Trek: Voyager’s episode The 37’s and my Favorite the USS Shran, a call back to Jeffery Combs Character the Andorian Commander Shran for Star Trek: Enterprise…

Captain Georgiou’s Office is littered with Easter Eggs. If you look closely not only can you see books that have titles with Original Series Names such as Mirror, The Deadly Years and The City on the Edge of Forever, but you can also see a nice bottle Of Château Picard wine ready to toasted at these various tidbits of Trek Information.

(CBS) Burnham on Prison Shuttle – “Context is for Kings” – DSC 1×03

During the shuttle scene with the criminals talking about Burnham, we get the name drop of the Tellun System, the star system the criminals are being transferred too. Fans of the Original Series will remember this system being mentioned in the TOS Episode Elaan Of Troyius.

Burnham is also up to date on her Star Trek: Enterprise combat techniques, in Episode 3 she uses Suus Mahna, a favourite Vulcan Martial Art preferred by Sub Commander T’Pol.

Blink and you might miss it, but it seems Captain Lorca has an affinity for furry little fluff balls as evidenced from the Tribble sitting on his desk.

Remember the TOS episode The Ultimate Computer? Sure you do! In that episode, we see Dr Richard Daystrom a brilliant though unstable scientist in computer engineering, and he tells us he was awarded the Zee-Magnees Prize for his development of Duotronic Circuitry. This is the same prize that Straal, Stamets fellow Spore Drive developer, speculates they will receive if they can get the Spore Drive to operate as intended.

Lorca’s Secret Mancave is also a Treasure Trove of Easter Eggs. Look closely and inside you’ll not only see a Gorn Skeleton, the Gorn being featured in the TOS episode Arena and cameo-ing in the Star Trek Enterprise episode In a Mirror Darkly Part 2, but you can also see a Cardassian Vole, Mentioned and seen on numerous episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

(CBS) Burnham in Spore Chamber – “Context is for Kings” DSC – 1×03

Ah, the lovely Spore drive. When Lorca is trying to convince Burnham of what Discovery’s true purpose is he puts her in a chamber with a bunch of spores. Next thing you know, we’re treating to quick views of different planets and locations. If you look closely, among them you’ll see Romulus, Starbase 11 (From The TOS Episode- Court Martial and The Menagerie Part 1) Janus VI (From the TOS episode The Devil in the Dark) and the Preserver Obelisk from the TOS episode The Paradise Syndrome among others.

In episode 4 we find out the Klingons are attacking Corvan II. For you Star Trek: The Next generation Fans you might remember Corvan II being mentioned in the TNG Episode New Ground.

And in episode 5, Lorca name drops the planet Benzar. This planet and it’s blue gas breathing inhabitants were seen or mentioned on both Star Trek The Next Generation AND Deep Space 9.

Another planetary system name dropped in this episode was that of Rura Penthe, a name that first showed up as the Klingon Prison Colony Kirk and McCoy are sent to in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

This next one is actually one of my favourites, and it comes to us thanks to Saru. Discovery’s Commander asks the computer for a list of Starfleet’s most decorated Captains. Next thing we see is a short list with Captain that we’ve all become familiar with. There’s Captain Robert April from The Animated Series, Jonathan Archer from Star Trek Enterprise, Matthew Decker from the TOS Episode The Doomsday Machine and even Christopher Pike from the Original Series Pilot and subsequent episode the Menagerie Parts 1 and 2.

(CBS) Starfleet’s most decorated captains – “Choose Your Pain” – DSC 1×05

Another TOS reference from the Episode The Ultimate Computer, this time from Tilly who mentions the Daystrom Institute again referencing Dr Richard Daystrom from that TOS Episode.

When discussing the DNA of the Tardigrade, Stamets compares it to that of a species called the Zaldan. This species appeared in the TNG episode Coming of Age.

Well this one is really a no brainer, while Burnham is helping Tilly with her officer training in episode 6 she mentions the USS Enterprise, the Constitution Class Starship made famous in Star Trek: The Original Series.

If you’ve got your freeze frame button ready for Episode 7 then you’ll be in for a treat. Take a look at the Star Map, it’s crammed with references to other Star Trek Series such as Again Rura Penthe, Khitomer and Narendra III just to name a few.

In this episode we also get to meet the Real Stella, Harcourt Fenton Mudds reason for venturing into Deep Space and eventually finding the Android Planet in the TOS Episode I, Mudd.

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