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Hello and welcome to Truth OR Myth, In today’s episode we’re taking a look at the Constitution Class of Starships as seen in Star Trek: Discovery… If you haven’t seen Star Trek: Discovery yet, then what are you waiting for? But more importantly, this video DOES contain spoilers so you’ve been warned… So, With all that out of the way… Let’s begin…

Blazing a trail across the screen in the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, The Re-imaged Constitution Class quickly polarized the fan base, and continues to become a fan favourite homage to the Original Series Versions of the starship Class…

The Constitution Class was commissioned in the Early 2240s with the starship USS Enterprise commissioned in 2245. Designed for long-range exploratory missions, this class quickly proved itself and earned its place in Starfleet History…

Having a fully integrated primary and secondary hull, this ship was one of the most reliable and beautiful ship designs Starfleet had constructed up to this point. Considered the Jewels of the Fleet, many Cadets, Crewmen and Officers dreamed of being posted to one of these fantastic ships

(CBS) U.S.S. Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: Discovery

Sitting at about 385 meters in length, this ship had 21 decks and a crew of around 200 Officers and men.

Tactically, this new class contained the most advanced weapons systems in the fleet. Having both the newly invented phaser emitters, capable of a continuous stream of phaser fire as well as the more traditional Phaser Canon style capability, this Class was a Power House designed to defend not only itself but the Federation at large.

Also included in this design was the standard Photon Torpedo System included in most starship classes of the time.

Shield systems were also standard of the time but thanks to its massive engine core, had more available power to the defensive systems ensuring this class could outlast most ships of the time in battle.

Capable of a Standard Cruising Speed of Warp Factor 6 and a Maximum Emergency Cruising Speed of Warp Factor 8, this class could move around the Federation far faster than another other standard ship of the time. This made the class excellent for responding to emergency situations.

The main bridge, located on deck 1 was a less spacious design with consoles surrounding its outer walls. Behind the consoles was also a small hallway which connected the crew to equipment lockers and the head.

(CBS) U.S.S. Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: Discovery

Unlike most other designs, however, this ship was more mechanical in nature. Having more button control interfaces, harking back to an earlier design in Starship History. this mechanical nature was believed to be the best route for these ships to allow for quick and easy repairs as repair facilities out in deep space were few and far between.

The Captains Chairs was located in the Center of the Bridge allowing the Captain to turn and view any station on the bridge which he or she desired.

Helm and Navigation were directly in front of the Captain’s chair though unlike most ships of the time these consoles were connected to increase efficiency, allowing these officers to work in tandem to better facilitate helm control.

Around the perimeter of the bridge were various consoles such as Communications, Engineering and environment control.

One of the main consoles around the outer edge of the bridge was the science station. This console was directly connected to both the ships new and extremely sensitive scanner systems as well as the library computer. This allowed the officer manning the station to have complete and accurate information on any subject or object encountered at a moments notice.

Quarters aboard this class were much smaller than other classes of the time. Space being at a premium aboard this class, these quarters were still comfortable and could be altered by its occupant to reflect an individual’s personal style and create a personal aboard ship.

The ship itself also did not contain the standard forcefield system within the shuttlebay. this meant that any shuttles departing this class would have to wait for the bay to depressurize before launching. Though this might seem an unfortunate downgrade from other ships designs, again, this allowed for fewer maintenance and repair situations to occur out in deep space.

(CBS) U.S.S. Enterprise & U.S.S. Discovery get ready to take on Control – DSC S2X14

This Class also had a variety of auxiliary spacecraft, including main shuttles and fighters which could be deployed quickly in the event of evacuation of emergency combat situations…

To help with repair and maintenance outside the ship, this Class also had repair robots which could be programmed to conduct repairs while leaving the crew free to conduct other repairs on the inside of the vessel.

While many ships of this class would explore strange new worlds for the Federation, encountering wonders never before imagined by Starfleet, one ship of note, The USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike would be instrumental in saving the galaxy from a threat which was intent on wiping out all life.

This threat, called control, was a Starfleet section 31 designed computer system which had gained partial sentience and was intent on gaining full sentience by gaining knowledge the USS Discovery had received by an ancient probe that had wandered the galaxy.

Valiantly fighting off control in an epic space battle, the Enterprise was ultimately successful in defeating the computer entity and ultimately the Entire incident has been classified by Starfleet Command.

It should also be noted that the USS Enterprise would go on to be one of the most important ships in Starfleet History. Starting with the NX-01 Enterprise commanded by Jonathan Archer, the various Enterprises would continue to boldly go where no man had gone before.

(Paramount) U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 – “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

This class would see many upgrades and changes over its lifetime. However, by the late 2260s, it was clear that this class was ageing and no longer up to the tasks it was originally intended to uphold. More then half of the original Constitution Class ships launched had been lost.

So Starfleet began exploring their options of either replacing or upgrading the design in an effort to keep Starfleet in line with the rest of the Galaxy.

Ultimately deciding on the upgrade option, given how the public was polarized by The Enterprises triumphant return home after many successful and dangerous missions, this refit would see the Constitution Class stripped down to its superstructure and redesigned from the ground up making it almost an entirely NEW ship, while at the same time thrusting this class once again to the jewel of the fleet.

This ships amazing ability to capture the hearts and imagination of the Federation can be summed up by the traditional log entry made by every Captain of the Enterprise starting with Captain Jonathan Archer, through Captain Jean Luc Picard…

Space… The Final Frontier. these are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise. it’s Continuing Mission, to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before…


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