Truth Or Myth- Starship Designs- My Top 10 Starfleet Starship Designs

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I’m a HUGE Star Trek starship nut, and as such a lot of people have often asked me what my favourite designs are. So in today’s episode of Truth OR Myth, we’ll take a look at my top 10 Starfleet Starship Designs from Star Trek. I hope you enjoy…


(CBS/CRYPTIC) The New Orleans Class Star Trek Online

10 – The New Orleans Class

A kitbash designed by Ed Miarecki for the Wolf 359 graveyard scene, to me the New Orleans Class seemed to be a very accurate and logical extension of the visual ascetics seen in the early TNG times. Containing a much smaller version of the saucer section scene on the Enterprise D and the same, but also smaller and slightly modified version of the Enterprise D warp engines, it is believed this class had a crew of 500 and a maximum speed of warp 9.3.

I love this design as it easily bridges the starship gap between the Ambassador and Galaxy classes while still looking sleek and powerful.

CBS) Intrepid-class Star Trek Enterprise

9 – (Star Trek: Enterprise) Intrepid Class

I don’t have much information on this class, but after discussing it a while back with Doug Drexler, starship designer extraordinaire, we decided I’d call it the first Intrepid Class.

First seen in the Star Trek Enterprise episode the Expanse and later scene in the episode Twilight for me this design is just a simple and elegant design. its unfortunate we didn’t get to know her better.

CBS) U.S.S. Centaur – NCC-42043

8 – Centaur Class

From the War Era of Deep Space 9, the Centaur Class was one of those ships that immediate;y satisfied me. You see I always had an issue when it came to the Miranda Class wondering why this class wasn’t updated with a more Excelsior look after the Excelsior became a workhorse for the Federation. Well, surprise surprise it did.

It is an awesome design, having an Excelsior Class Saucer with 2 Modified Excelsior Warp engines this ship looks sleek and fast and is a very logical step to take after the USS Excelsior was commissioned. I also love the addition of the Miranda Style pod underneath the ship. I just wish I knew who to thank for this design…

(CBS) U.S.S. Horizon (Daedalus Class) Eaglemoss Model

7 – Daedalus Class

My love of Star Trek started with the Original Series, but what always disappointed me about it was a lack of different Starfleet starship designs being seen on screen. So when I bought my first version of the Star Trek Chronology many Trek Moons ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see this design realized.

It is an odd design, that I can picture coming from Starfleet before they settled on the saucer section design element that would be so prevalent through star trek history… It looks like an older design that I believe would have a lasted for a long time being relegated to cargo and Passenger duty until it was finally retired from service.

(CBS) U.S.S. Buran – NCC-1422

6 – (Star Trek Discovery) Cardenas Class

Created by another Star Trek starship designer extraordinaire John Eaves, the Cardenas class was first seen in the Star Trek Discovery episode Battle at the Binary Stars, this 4 engine starship design immediately caught my attention.

It’s beautiful, and sleek unlike the other well known 4 engine design the Constellation Class. This ship looks a starship Id take into battle if I needed some serious power, speed and manoeuvrability.

(Paramount) U.S.S. Enterprise – 1701 – B

5 – The Excelsior Class/ Enterprise B Variant

One of the most seen non-hero ships, the Excelsior Class and it’s Enterprise B variant became one of my favourite designs after seeing Star Trek 3. Designed by visual artists David Carson and Nilo Rodis-Jamero of Industrial Light & Magic, this starship class would become almost as iconic as the various Enterprises themselves…

She looks powerful, even if a bit bulky, like a starship that’s ready for an even deeper exploration of the galaxy, and it’s no surprise to me that this class would be chosen as to be the bearer of the Enterprises Name as the Enterprise B

(CBS) U.S.S. Equinox – NCC-72381

4 – The Nova Class

This should come as no surprise to anyone watching this video that I love starship designs that bridge the gaps between hero ships and the Nova Class is no exception. First seen in the Star Trek Voyager episode Equinox, this tiny little ship holds a lot in common with the design of the Intrepid Class USS Voyager.

After seeing the Oberth Class as a science ship that seemed to fall apart or blow up if someone looked at it the wrong way, the need for a new science class starship was clear to me. And Rick Sternbach, the designer of this class, checked all the boxes for me. Thanks, Rick!

(CBS) U.S.S. Shenzhou – NCC-1227

3 – Star Trek Discovery- The Walker Class

Another design by John Eaves, I immediately fell in love with this design after seeing it in the Star Trek Discovery Premiere. It was different enough from what I had already seen through the golden age of Star Trek, yet familiar enough for me to say, yep, that’s a Star Trek Starship.

In fact, I loved it so much that I ended up making a Star Trek Online character who’s main ship is part of this class… And if that isn’t a compliment to a starship designer I don’t know what it!

(Paramount) Constitution Class Refit – 1701 – A

2 – TMP Refit Enterprise

Sadly this ship was bumped to number 2 after witnessing my number 1 all time favourite design, but that really doesn’t mean I love it any less. There is something so majestic about this design that just makes me want to stare and drool all over myself.

It has the same basic shape to the ship that harked from the TOS Constitution Class, but yet looks leaps and bounds beyond it. I would be very happy to command one of these ships in some future fleet exploring a strange new world and fighting off Klingons.


(Paramount) U.S.S. Enterprise – E

1- The Sovereign Class

When I first saw this ship flash across the screen in the Movie Star Trek First Contact I was blown away. I immediately knew this was my favourite Star Trek ship created, at least to this point.

Designed again by John Eaves this ship screamed ship of the line. I had no problem believing it to be one of the strongest and most advanced starship ever created by Starfleet and would often times find myself imagining what its real abilities were.

Of course, after Nemesis, I didn’t have to imagine anymore. Everything about her is absolute perfection for me, thank you John eaves for making this guys starship dream design a reality.


And now for some of my favourite honourable mentions.

  • Prometheus Class
  • Kelvin Constitution Class
  • Nebula Class
  • Crossfield Class

Well, I hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of Episode of Truth OR Myth. What are your top 10 Starfleet Starship designs? let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel, hitting that little bell, so you won’t miss a single video we release… Thanks again for Watching, Live Long and Prosper…


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