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Hello and welcome to a special episode of Truth OR Myth… In today’s episode, we’re discussing the Future of Star Trek through the release of information at San Diego Comic-Con 2019… Please note, we will be discussing all the information provided which means it will contain spoilers, so you have been warned… And now, let’s sit back and enjoy the ride back to the stars…

San Diego Comic Conn promised some HUGE star trek surprises! And on Saturday we got them…

When I starting seeing the flood of information being handed out at Comic Conn this year I was floored… But nothing could have prepared me for the new Star Trek: Picard trailer that was dropped.

There is something so magical about it that I had to actually step back and stop myself from writing this episode right away. I needed to process what I saw and also breath.

Ryan, Spiner and Del Arco – SDCC2019

I think there were 2 important revelations in this trailer that blew fandom away. That, of course, is the return of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Brent Spinner and Data.

That’s right 2 of the TNG Era Treks biggest Characters will be returning to reprise their roles respectively, and I know I couldn’t be happier.

Both these actors cemented their characters firmly in Star Trek lore, so to see them returning is mind-blowing. Of course exactly what part both will play in the Grand Scheme of Star Trek: Picard is still unknown, but I think the possibilities are virtually endless.

Another revelation, though not included in the Trailer was given by Kurtzman when he stated that both Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis will also be returning as their respective characters, William T Riker and Deana Troi-Riker.

The surprises didn’t end there though, also returning to the screen will be Jonathan Del Arco, who will be reprising his character Hugh from the TNG episodes I, Borg and the Descent 2 Parter. Kurtzman also hinted at other cameos, but these cameos are still being kept under wraps. But given the cross over of Seven of Nine into the TNG Franchise, we may be seeing many other characters appear including some from Deep Space Nine or even more from Voyager… It’s truly exciting times.

(CBS) The Borg Are Back! – “Star Trek: Picard”

So now we know the story involves the Romulans and the Borg. We get a great shot of what looks to be a damaged Borg Cube, maybe it’s one that Starfleet has found abandoned similar to the one seen in the Voyager Episode Collective? Who knows though cause again the possibilities are limitless.

And it looks like Picard is helping out a girl who has sought him out. Who this girl is and what she represents is unknown but the entire trailer centres around this girl, so I’m sure it will be a major plot point.

one bit of sad news however, instead of being released at the end of 2019 it looks like the release date has been pushed back to early 2020… And I’m ok with that. the trailer made it worth the wait for me…

Moving on to another trailer, we get our first previews of upcoming Trek Shorts. 6 in total, the major Discovery here, excuse the pun, is that we will be returning to the Enterprise 1701 under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. It appears we’ll be getting 3 Trek Short Episodes on this Constitution classic Starship!

In the first tease, it looks like we are going back to when Spock was first assigned to the Enterprise and gets stuck in a turbolift with number one.

Another tease is that of Pike being a prisoner somewhere attempting to get back to the Enterprise.

(CBS) Anson Mount as Pike in Short Treks

And finally, we get a Tribbles episode, yes those lovable furballs are back to cause trouble for the ship and crew.

And Kurtzman also once again hinted at a Star Trek Pike Series, so we all can hope!

There will also be 2 animated short Treks along with a Star Trek: Picard Short Trek.

Star Trek: Lower Decks co-creator and executive producer Mike McMahan, revealed the voice cast and character animations along with Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin. McMahan also announced that the 10-episode long first season will premiere in 2020.

The new animated show will revolve around 4 really unimportant ensigns who work in the lower decks of a really unimportant starship. These Ensigns are as follows:

“Ensign Beckett Mariner,” voice by Tawny Newsome, “Ensign Brad Boimler,” voiced by Jack Quaid, “Ensign Tendi,” voiced by Noel Wells and “Ensign Rutherford,” voiced by Eugene Cordero.

(CBS) Ensign Tendi (No’l Wells), Ensign Rutherford (Eugene Cordero), Ensign Mariner (Tawny Newsome) & Ensign Boimler (Jack Quaid)

Making up the ship’s bridge crew include “Captain Carol Freeman,” voiced by Dawnn Lewis, “Commander Jack Ransom,” voiced by Jerry O’Connell, “Lieutenant Shaxs,” voiced by Fred Tatasciore and “Doctor T’Ana,” voiced by Gillian Vigman.

I wonder if O’Connell’s character Jack Ransom will have any relation to Rudy ransom from the Star Trek Voyager 2 Parter Equinox, guess time will tell…

In Star Trek: Discovery News, season 3 is in production with David Ajala joining the cast as a series regular… Those of you that watch Supergirl on the CW will remember him as playing Manchester Black, a role he playing amazingly! he will play a new character named Cleveland Booker also known as simply book.

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery will jump 1,000 years further into the future — farther then any Star Trek series has gone before.

Kurtzman and Martin-Green teased that there are “big problems” and that Burnham “goes through a lot of changes.” They also revealed that the captain of the Discovery will be revealed next season

(CBS) Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) – NOT Terralysium

Wow, these are truly exciting times for all the new and old fans of Trek… This second golden age of the Franchise is turning out to be jam-packed with surprises and has caused a level of excitement inside me that I haven’t felt since the Season 3 Cliffhanger of Star Trek: The Next Generation so many moons ago. Well done CBS All Access, Kurtzman and the entire production teams of all these wonderful new series… You are really taking Star Trek where no one has gone before…

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