YouTube Creators, ContinuumTrek & German Trekkie Join The Treksphere Team

After the outstanding success of our team up with David Klawitter and his YouTube series “Truth or Myth“, we are excited to extend our team of sponsored YouTube creators.

Launched in March 2018, the Truth or Myth series has amassed a large following on YouTube and has over 87 videos spanning many topics.

Hoping to duplicate this success both ContinuumTrek and German Trekkie have agreed to join our team in a similar partnership and not only provide our website with content based upon their videos, but to also spread the word of Treksphere.

So, coming Monday 26th August we will be publishing articles from both these creators and help them boost the positive attitude of Star Trek.

As to why these creators decided to join Treksphere, well this is what they had to say…

Hello to everybody in this wonderful community. I would firstly like to thank James for Welcoming me and publishing my works on this website, I was introduced to Treksphere by TriAngulum Audio Studios as was my good friend GermanTrekkie. We originally started doing collaboration videos in the form of Live streams on YouTube and a good friendship between the three of us developed. Being able to share my thoughts and ideas on my favourite franchise is not as important to what Star Trek has made us and that is a Family. Treksphere has allowed me to connect with the rest of this family and like minded people.

Thank you.
Marc, ContinuumTrek

Treksphere was recommended to me by TriAngulum Audio Studios. He told me it is a page that posts stuff about everything and anything Star Trek without being toxic about it.

I personally think that this is great because bashing stuff you don’t like is against what we heard on Trek, what most of the Characters try to teach us. I’m looking forward to work with Treksphere and want to say thank you for letting me in.

GermanTrekkie signing off

So be sure to check back here to read their articles and keep eye on our social media accounts for all their new content also be sure you subscribe to their channels on YouTube.