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WDIM? – 10 Reasons to Get Excited for Strange New Worlds

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Hey Everyone and welcome today I will be going over Ten Reasons to Get Excited for the upcoming and newest addition to the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

First, if you are a follower of this channel and my second channel WDIM Plus, I am sorry that I have not been posting as much recently.  If you are interested, I put up a post on the community page of this channel detailing why this has happened, but hopefully, I will be back to my normal schedule starting this week.  Also, I did put out a video in February of this year of about five story ideas I believe we will see on Strange New Worlds, and I will link that in the description and the video if you would like to see it. 

But for this video I am going to discuss ten aspects of this series that I expect to be different from the other Star Trek series currently being produced, and why I am more excited for this to debut than any other.  If this is your first time here, my name is Eric and on this channel, I cover all the sci-fi stories and characters I love, so be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you have not yet. 

Anson Mount Pike
(Paramount+) Ansom Mount As Captain Pike
Planet of the Week

One of the most beloved aspects of Star Trek that has gotten a bit lost in the newer iterations of the franchise is the “Wagon Train in Space” concept that the original series was based on.  A big part of the draw of that series was what new and interesting planets and aliens the crew would meet each week. 

The writers of Strange New Worlds as well as some of the cast members have already stated that their show will operate in this manner more so than any other Star Trek series currently being produced, and will not have as many stories that need multiple episodes to resolve.  This does not mean we will not see growth from these characters, some of which we are already familiar with, but it does mean that the show may be a bit easier to watch. 

Given that unlike some other series in the Star Trek catalogue, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds may be one that you can jump back into at any time and not worry that you have missed out on something important to the plot of the series.

Rose Gooding Cadet Nyota Uhura
(Paramount+) Rose Gooding As Cadet Nyota Uhura
Lessons Learned

What may be a common theme along this list is that I believe that one thing Strange New Worlds will defiantly benefit from is the writers can learn from Discovery, and Picard and not make those same mistakes.

In truth, this series only exists because Paramount and Alex Kurtzman listened to the fans after this crew appeared on Discovery, and then they greenlit this show based upon the overwhelmingly great response…

Join me as I list off eight more reasons we should all be excited about this new series…

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