WDIM? - Prodigy Plot Details! From Kate Mulgrew Herself

WDIM? – Prodigy Plot Details! From Kate Mulgrew Herself

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss where today I am able to share some details about the plot of the upcoming animated Star Trek series, Prodigy, which is expected to debut in the latter part of 2021.

For those of you that are fans of not just Star Trek but specifically the new animated options, I will end this video with some cool information that Mike McMahon, the creator of Lower Decks, shared during an interview about the upcoming season of that show. Of the five series set to air over the next year or so, Prodigy is the one that the fans know the least about. Curiously, of the three series set to air in 2021, it was the only one that has yet to show a teaser.

Captain Janeway
(Paramount+) The Return Of Captain Janeway

Well, leave it to the Captain to change that as just this week Katheryn Janeway herself Kate Mulgrew finally let us know what the series is about and how her character will be brought in. For a one minute snippet, she does not disappoint as Ms Mulgrew goes into the basis of the show and you can tell how excited she is to share it with all of us.

So here I will share what she said as well as all of the information we know so far about the upcoming series. If this is your first time here, my name is Eric and on this channel, I share all the Star Trek news I can find when I find it so be sure to subscribe if you want to be kept upon this information. I also have another channel, as well as a Discord server and a Twitter page and I put those links in the description if you would like to check them out.

OK, so let’s get into what we now know about Star Trek: Prodigy. Besides it being an animated series we know that it takes place in the year 2383. This means it actually takes place a few years after the first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks and a few years after the return of the Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant. Mike McHanon has stated that the second season of Lower Decks will take place right after the first, so unless there is a time jump at some point this difference may mean that we should not expect these two animated crews to intersect.

Star Trek Prodigy
(Paramount+) The Crew Of Star Trek: Prodigy

Another thing keeping them apart is that Prodigy is set to take place in the Delta quadrant, so unless the U.S.S. Cerritos has an encounter with a Caretaker or Q visits them again it would appear that both space and time are keeping these series apart. That should make it easier for both shows to write better scripts, as they will not have to worry about messing up the continuity of the other series by adding something that doesn’t make sense later on.

Since Prodigy does take place a few years after Lower Decks, it would be funny if at one point the crew of the Prodigy comes across something that will already happen on Lower Decks, or teases something that the crew has not faced yet. Star Trek is good for creating paradox’s that link storyline across different crews and timelines, such as when they added Borg drones into the series Star Trek: Enterprise that was put there during events seen in the movie First Contact.

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