WDIM? – Star Trek: Picard S2 UPDATE & Set Leaks

WDIM? – Star Trek: Picard S2 UPDATE & Set Leaks

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Hey Everyone and Welcome Back to What Did I Miss, where today I thought I would round up some recent news about the series Star Trek: Picard, and end the video with some news about the filming of Strange New Worlds.  Interestingly, this news comes to us from leaked photos of the cast shooting in and around Los Angeles California and some details from a rather talkative guest star. 

If this is your first time here, my name is Eric and I cover a lot of sci-fi series like Star Trek on this channel and I also have another channel named WDIM Plus in which I talk about pretty much everything else.  So please subscribe if you have not and think about checking out my other channel as well.  While we may not get to see the first episode of the second season of Star Trek: Picard until 2022, it seems that of all the series in production we are getting the most details about the upcoming season not just from the teaser released earlier this year, but from various other sources. 

On Set With Picard Season 2

By the way, if you have not seen it yet I did do a video about every Easter Egg and reference in the Picard teaser,  besides the teaser, there have been at least three batches of leaked photos from the filming of the series that give us some big clues as to the upcoming plotline. 

Now, if you are wondering why we are getting leaked pictures from Picard and not the other two series currently filming; Discovery and Strange New Worlds, it is because Picard films in Los Angeles and the other two series film in Toronto, mostly in a soundstage.  It appears that the series will be taking its crew to another time period so they are filming outdoors in LA and since a lot of shows film in the city there are always people looking out for filming crews.

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