What Did I Miss? - 5 Things You May Not Know About Star Trek: Voyager!

WDIM? – 5 Things You May Not Know About Star Trek: Voyager!

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, where today I thought I would take a look at possibly the most popular crew not to serve on a ship named Enterprise, and share 5 Things You May Not Know About Star Trek: Voyager

While every fan has their favourite crew and series, in 2017 Netflix looked at data from over 100 million subscribers, in 190 different countries, to see which episodes of “Star Trek” were the most popular. This list found that of the Ten most-watched episodes Six were from Star Trek: Voyager, which at least proves the lasting support for this series. Not to mention that since the show went off the air in 2001 the character of Seven of Nine played by Jeri Ryan has returned in the new series Picard, and the character Captain Janeway who is played by Kate Mulgrew has been immortalized in a statue and will be revived as well in a new animated series set to air in 2021. 

(CBS) The Unused Voyager Areoshuttle

This crew truly were trailblazers as they set out to make their own path different from Deep Space Nine, which was already airing and the Next Generation, who were off the air every week but the crew were still making movies.  Unlike other Star Trek crews that seemed to get along, for the most part, this crew was made up of two sides of a political divide that are forced to work together and try and find a way home.  Over the course of their journey, they continually tackle difficult issues while integrating more new members into their crew and still holding true to the values of the Federation.  Here I will go into some interesting stories and details that I have learned about the cast, the ship, and the series itself and if you do enjoy the video please hit that Like button and Subscribe for more videos like this.

I have been releasing weekly videos about Star Trek news as well as have a catalogue of videos about Star Trek and other fun properties I like to talk about, so check back often for new stuff.  Speaking of which, let’s talk about Captain Janeway and her crew and go over 5 Things You May Not Know About Star Trek Voyager…

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