What Did I Miss? - Discovery Season 3 - Burn Theory! - Who are the Sphere Builders?

What Did I Miss? – Discovery Season 3 – Burn Theory! – Who are the Sphere Builders?

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Hey everyone and welcome to What Did I Miss where I, you humble host, just Plain and Simple Eric will dive into a theory about who or what caused the Burn, which is the major plot point of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.  There have been many clues given so far this season, but very little in the way of actual tangible evidence or conclusions, but being a Star Trek fan for over 30 years I have been able to piece together some clues that I believe point toward an old enemy. 

Well, maybe old is not the right term since the beings I am referring to are the time-travelling Sphere Builders.  Introduced in the series Star Trek: Enterprise, they were the main antagonists of the third season and were responsible for one of the most devastating attacks on Earth ever committed, and they didn’t even have to leave their own time period to do it.  I know that whenever we start talking about time travel, things can get confusing quickly, so I am going to try to parse this video out into easily digestible sections in case things get weird. 

(CBS) The NX 01 Approaches a Sphere – “Anomaly”

First, I will go over who the Sphere Builders are and what they have already done in the Star Trek universe, which will include briefly talking about their appearances in the Star Trek: Online game.  Then, I will go over what we do know about the Burn so far which will include some information I went over in my videos about the episode 8 trailer and episode 7, and I will link those videos in the description in case you want to hear the whole thing.  Finally, I will go over my theory about how this all ties together. 

So, let’s get into it by discussing who are the Sphere Builders.

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