What Did I Miss? - Discovery Season 3 "The Sanctuary" Trailer & Sneak Peek Breakdown

What Did I Miss? – Discovery Season 3 “The Sanctuary” Trailer & Sneak Peek Breakdown

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss where today I am looking ahead to the eighth episode of the third season of Discovery, titled “The Sanctuary”.  After the last episode, it looks like Discovery and Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) are hot on the trail of getting some real information about the cause of the Burn.  Being given all the data of the SB-19 project from the President of Ni’var, the new Vulcan and Romulan planet, the crew can now cross-reference data that Starfleet did not have access to with the data that Burnham has gathered in the past year. 

(CBS) Something Is Wrong with Georgiou – DSC 308 “The Sanctuary”

I am guessing that Starfleet will now be supportive of their efforts since Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) himself said a couple of episodes that the only way they would find anything new was if they were given the knowledge that Starfleet did not have the past 120 years, which is the data from NiVar.   

Here, I will first play the trailer for the episode and then go over the sneak peek scene as well.  Also, since I took some heat in the comments of my last video about my opinion of the episode “Unification III”, I want to briefly address that at the end of this video so if you don’t care you don’t have to watch it but if you do stick around for that. 

But first, let us watch the trailer for next week’s episode of Discovery, “The Sanctuary”.

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