What Did I Miss? - Star Trek News: Prodigy FIRST LOOK & 2021 New Series Details

WDIM? – Trek News: Prodigy FIRST LOOK & 2021 Series Details

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, where today I have some big Star Trek news to share with you, following the Paramount/CBS investors meeting on February 24th.  A lot of things were revealed by the company, but most importantly were which Star Trek shows we can expect to see in 2021 as well as our first look at the cast of one of the brand-new shows. 

We also got a lot of information about not only the future plans of the new streaming service Paramount+ but also what the future might hold for the Star Trek franchise.  That’s right, we now know what shows we will see this year and possibly when we will see them.  If you love Star Trek and want to be kept up on all the news that comes out, hit the subscribe button so that you know when my videos come out.  I am always posting new Star Trek news videos, and I have posted some over the past few weeks that I will list in the description.  In this video, I will be breaking down all the Star Trek information from the investors day event and also tell you how I feel about their plans. 

Star Trek: Prodigy First Look
(CBS) Star Trek: Prodigy First Look

I will also go over some of the other news released from the event that includes some other properties that look very interesting to me.  It is obvious that Paramount is going all-in on their new streaming service, and that is great news from Star Trek fans.  I think nowadays every studio is trying to play catch up to whoever is the most popular at the time, and to me, it seems like Paramount is using the template designed by Disney and not only listening to what the fans want but also creating thriving franchises with diverse storytelling and diverse tones.  Basically, making a channel that anyone in the house, no matter their age, can enjoy.  Remember, this is always more fun when I hear from you so let me know in the comments what you think of this news and which show or shows you are most excited for!  OK, so let’s get into the February Viacom/CBS Paramount + Investors Day News…

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