What Did I Miss? - Star Trek Update: New Cast Member on Discovery?

WDI? – Star Trek Update: New Cast Member on Discovery?

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, I am your host plain and simple Eric and today I will be sharing with you some news and notes that have happened over the past week concerning different Star Trek properties.

I have been doing these kinds of videos for a couple of weeks now since Discovery aired their last episode of the season and I think I am going to keep doing them every week on Thursday, from here on out. So be sure to hit the like button and the subscribe bell so you get a notice from YouTube when they come out. Even though we don’t know when we will get a new episode of a Star Trek series, with 5 different series in some state of production as of right now, there are still lots of things going on.

Covid19 Strange New Worlds Poster
Covid19 Strange New Worlds Poster

This video will be mostly about some updates from the creator and producers of Discovery and their upcoming season, as well as a cast change that I think, will have a big impact next season or beyond. I do also have some other bits of news about Strange New Worlds, Picard, and Lower Decks as well as a really interesting story I learned about how a huge comedic movie star could have been in an episode of The Next Generation, that I will share towards the end.

But let me know in the comments below, what show are you most excited for??

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