YouTube Creator Ketwolski Joins The Treksphere Team

Continuing our growth bringing you fan-created Star Trek content we are pleased to announce that YouTube creator Ketwolski has decided to join the ever-expanding Treksphere team to bring you some excellent sponsored content.

Ketwolski has agreed to bring a vast array of Trek-themed content to you sponsored by us, and he will be our official reviewer for the new Star Trek: Picard series which is due to launch in January 2020.

Talking about why he decided to join Treksphere Ketwolski said:

Hello There! I just wanted to say thank Treksphere for asking me to join an amazing and talented team of Star Trek content creators.

Being able to be apart of this fledgling crew is really an honor! I look forward to being able to put my own creative stamp onto the site and really continue to elevate the already outstanding work being done here! Thanks for beaming me aboard!


Ketwolski joins, fellow YouTubers TriAngulum Audio Studio, ContinuumTrek and German Trekkie as a Treksphere sponsored content creator, you can find all of his videos HERE.

You can watch Ketwolski’s first sponsored video below…

Star Trek Picard & Discovery Theories | What Happened To The Federation?

Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Discovery both dropped rather cryptic trailers during NYCC 2019.

However, one thing was clear in both: the United Federation Of Planets is up to no good and is possibly doomed to fail. In today’s video, I share some of my theories regarding why and even how the Federation might fall between Picard and Discovery Season 3.

Be sure to like and subscribe to his channel and keep an eye on for all our sponsored content.