But Is It Really Star Trek? A Fan’s View On The New Trailer

I’ve been a Star Trek fan for most of my life. Although, when I was very young, my first experiences of TOS were from behind the safety of a throw pillow. Hey, when you’re like seven years old, that Salt Creature will give you some serious nightmares!

Throughout the years, I’ve had many love/hate feelings about each incarnation of the show in varying degrees. I’m not such a die-hard fan that I’m madly in love with anything that says Star Trek, but it definitely has a warm, fuzzy, Tribble-like place in my heart, and I always hope for the best.

It’s been quite some time since Star Trek has been on television, and now finally, this September 2017, CBS is reviving the series, calling it Star Trek Discovery.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the latest trailer.

Looking at it objectively, this looks great!

But is it really Star Trek?

Part of me feels like CBS is setting this series up to fail. If you will indulge me a moment, let’s think about this… logically.

They are alienating (pun intended) most of their fan base with so many drastic changes.

Before you freak out and say too many fans are living in the past, think about this…
Star Wars was made in 1976 and released in 1977. But throughout the years, the look has been consistent. Why? Because that’s what fans want! Imagine the uproar if someone decided to change how a Wookie looks. Or what if someone suddenly said Stormtroopers look dated, let’s give them scales! We can even go beyond “Star things”, and talk about comic book fans and their collective gasps if suddenly Batman’s cape was made of feathers!

So is it unrealistic for fans to have a preconceived notion of how Star Trek should look? Discovery is being set in a time ten years before Kirk became Captain of the Enterprise, and every fan of the series can tell you exactly how the universe looks at that time, and how the Federation of Planets was operating. I completely understand the need to update and make some tweaks with today’s CGI, but you still have to stay true to the source material. Star Wars seamlessly combined Rogue One’s ending with A New Hope, forty years apart. Why can’t we make a similar connection with Star Trek?

Someone made a comment that we just want to re-watch TOS over and over. As much as I do enjoy watching those episodes, we want something new in a universe that has so much potential! But we want the same heart and soul that Gene Roddenberry created many years ago. There’s a reason Star Trek is so well loved. The chemistry of the characters, unique concepts, and a heavy amount of imaginative and thought to provoke stories gave it that longevity.

I’m always looking for good writing, but I’m worried that CBS is too concerned with action and trying to keep up with all the Hollywood big explosions/lens flares to know how to give us anything well written. Even the Discovery trailer seems to ride on the coattails of The Force Awakens trailer with the simple piano intro. If you understand anything about great science fiction stories there are millions of decent ones in the world without depending on the pew-pew factor, that are still be powerful and intense.

And yes, phasers go “SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”, not “Pew Pew”.

Now let’s talk about “All Access”.

It seems they are ooverestimating the eagerness of the fans if they aren’t going to make a show for fans. At $5.99/month with commercials ($9.99/month without), how long can they maintain viewership? They already have a limited amount of people subscribing, so maybe they will have a slight bump when the series begins. But many fans have already seen enough to know, they won’t be spending the money. Discovery seems to have a fairly large budget, so it could be a losing proposition over time.

Maybe they could save money by cutting back on the lens flares?

And finally, I refuse to acknowledge those idiots that have posted about how upset they are with women being in command of a starship. They need to leave their bigotry in their cab because there’s no room for it on the bridge.

So that’s my two cents worth, and of course, realistically I could be wrong. This could be the one series that new and old fans alike can rally together and keep on the air for ten seasons. I guess we’ll all find out in a few months.

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