Discovery Cast Reflect On Season 2 & Talk The Journey Ahead For Season 3

Along with the producers of Discovery, the shows cast newcomer David Ajala took to the stage this weekend at New York Comic-Con, where they reflected on their journey last season and discussed what’s ahead as the show moves into its third season.

After dropping the season three trailer (which you can watch below) the questions headed to show lead Sonequa Martin-Green who was asked, what is it like playing a character with so much depth, to which she replied:

“I am so grateful to the writers because everything is handled with so much courage, respect and gentleness,

I love the idea of being able to change as rapidly as I have been changing as Michael Burnham, there has been such a pendulum swing from Vulcan in season one to Humanity in season two,

What is interesting now, in the very title of our show it is all about Discovery, we aren’t who we are ultimately going to be and you get to be on that journey with us, which I think makes it so much more captivating, so much more relatable and it makes people be able to see themselves in us much more because you see us on this journey”

Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, and newcomer to the show David Ajala

The next question was for David Ajala, who has just joined the show for season three and will play Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker when asked to introduce us to his character, Ajala described his character as

“You will meet [him] in the first episode…

You will see early interactions between [him] and Burnham, it’s slightly unorthodox but very exciting,

It’s exciting being able to dabble and explore into new territory is really enjoyable, especially for myself joining the franchise and getting to share that journey with Burnham is great,

So as you guys can be watching and exploring the new world, you’ll be seeing it through Book’s eyes and Burnham’s eyes.”

Being asked if he was a “Trekkie” before he was cast Ajala replied:

“Very familiar with Star Trek, it was something I was always familiar with and knew of, but to be presented with the opportunity to work on it I thought it was really exciting”

Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp & Wilson Cruz

Moving down the line to Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp, after being praised for their portrayal of Stamets and Culber (Culmets) they were asked about the arc of their characters in season 2 and how Culber decided to stick around on Discovery because “Stamets was home” Cruz had this to say:

“It has been quite a wild ride we have spanned life and death, we have been through a lot and where we left off it was a realization on Culbers part that he really is home and this was what he was looking for in the new life of his (after his return from death) had been in front of him this whole time,

But I think what he has discovered is that this presents an opportunity for him, the trip into the future is a clean slate for him for this relationship [with Stamets] to be able to create this person he feels he should have always been and to live up to his potential,

Apart of that is being a better partner, doctor and also being there for his friends and how can he help them in this new undiscovered and uncharted future.”

Rapp added

“What I think is special that the writers are being to Season 3 is, Yes it is cool that we’re in the future that we get to seek cool new technologies and all that stuff, but, there also really allowing everyone to reckon with…

We don’t know what that would be like, no one knows what that would be like, but to imagine what it’s like to leave everything behind and what it might do to people to make that enormous strange leap, having to say goodbye to everything but also having to say hello to this new thing is something they haven’t shied away from and that is what I think is so special.”

Doug Jones & Mary Wiseman

Move on to Mary Wiseman, who was asked what will Tilly be like in season 3, will she continue her growth this season, making more “executive” decisions, Wiseman said:

“In this moment in the show, we are going to be driving without a roadmap,

We jump to the future, it is a leap of faith and end up in a place we could never have imagined and it’s those moments… where you have to make big decisions…. in this season you’ll see more of her stepping into her power in the way that she can,

It’s not a time to wilt or step back…but a time to step forward,

And those question people might have had, well she is a Cadet, she’s an Ensign, I think you’re going to see why she has gravitated to these people and they have gravitated to her,

Beyond being an empathy, a person that brings light and joy into a situation there is real aptitude and strength there, and you are going to get to see that this season even more.”

Last but not least, we came to Doug Jones, who touched upon his season two arc and addressed one of the biggest questions of the day will he be the new captain in this season?

“We saw Saru’s adolescence, which he didn’t know he was going through “vahar’ai” and the fact his ganglia would fall out…

That was very reflective for me personally about fear in general, and living in it, and so many people can relate to that”

Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones & Mary Wiseman

Moving on to the topic of Captain Saru

“He had to step up now a couple of time throughout the series, firstly when Lorca whet off the rails, and when Captain Pike came and left, the chairs been open a couple of time and Saru has been putting his bony arse in it,

Many variables exist that we don’t know about. We jump to the future to find: is there a Federation still, and what condition is it in? Would they respect either one of us captain, or would be able to self-govern?

We do not know what’s ahead… All of those questions remain unanswered right now… for you… We know more but we can’t talk about it”

Jones went on to add that his relationship with Burnham is one of family

“The relationship between Burnham and Saru has been quite an evolution… we are kind of like chosen, Brother and Sister.

That relationship continues into season 3 as well, we are jumping 930 years into the future, change is a part of that situation, how does everyone deal with those changes, the entire crew has to go through that and we all help guide each other through those changes”

Season 3 of Discovery will launch in 2020 on CBS All Access in the USA, CTV SCi-Fi/Crave TV in Canada and Netflix for the rest of the world.

You can watch the season 3 trailer below.