Discovery Season 3 Episode Count, Visiting old locations and more… Paley Fest Red Carpet Interviews NYCC2019

After the 90-minute long Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic-Con this past Saturday, the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery headed to the Paley Center for the Media for a special evening event.

In a series of red carpet interviews and on stage we got some more information on what to expect from not only our beloved characters but where we will be heading next year and how many episodes to expect.

Paley Red Carpet

(CBS) Wilson Cruz – Hugh culber – “Such Sweet Sorrow Pt2”

Starting off on the red carpet, The Knockturnal interviewed some of the cast starting off with actor Wilson Cruz (Hugh Culber) talking about how his role this season will grow and he will take up more responsibility for his crewmates health

“We see him Doctoring more, thank god coz that’s his job, but he is also taking on peoples mental health… we leap into the future, where we have all left everything and everyone behind, someone needs to attend to the mental health of these people who have gone through this trauma”

Talking about how important LGBTQ representation is to the fans and how it has been an honour to portray his character, Anthony Rapp  had this to say about how playing Stamets has made him feel

“It has been so important for so many fans of Star Trek for so long have been longing for it, to have this kind of representation … and I am deeply proud that I was asked to do this role”

David Ajala, Mary Wiseman, Sonequa Martin-Green, Wilson Cruz, Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp

Continuing the topic of representation Sonequa Martin-Green was asked what it was like to play the first African-American woman to hold a leading role in a Star Trek series and to hold a males name as well, Martin-Green replied

“It feels overwhelming a lot of the time… I know how important it is because I believe that representation leads to revelation and visualisation leads to actualisation,

So for people to be able to see me a black woman leading this franchise, of course I stand on the shoulders of Nicelle Nichols, Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew,

But being at the helm of it I think what is important just about the representation itself is also Michael Burnham is a genius.. and we have such a dearth of black women in the sciences, technology and aeronautics.. So I feel for the youth to see a black woman being a genius in these areas and being absolutely integral to the solutions of every problem is a really big deal”

Season Three Episode Count

Also during the red carpet, Trekmovie and confirmed by Trekcore both these outlets managed to ascertain how many episode to expect this year while talking to Alex Kurtzman

Trekmovie: Kurtzman described the way they can tell a story on TV vs. movies, and used the phrase “13 or more.”

Kurtzman: [Discovery] is a movie on the small screen, and we have the benefit of 13 or more episodes to tell deeper stories than you have time to tell in two hours.


Trekcore: Are you doing thirteen episodes this year?

Kurtzman: (Nods) Thirteen. .

Trekcore: Do you see any additional episodes extending the season, like the extra two for Season 1, and last year’s extension to 14 episodes?

Kurtzman: Not this year. I think we’re going [stick to] thirteen this year.

(CBS) The Trills In Discovery S3

Familiar Races Will Appear

Moving on to the main stage panel, franchise lead Alex Kurtzman confirmed that Discovery‘s third season will see future versions of Star Trek aliens that we all know and love.  “We are going to Trill this year” And that some of the show’s new characters will have to go there for a very specific reason.

First seen in the TNG episode “The Host” and then again with the thanks to Deep Space Nine’s fan-favourite character Dax, it is possible as we see in the new season three trailer, we are set to see not just the race but the symbiont pools that we first saw in the DS9 episode “Equilibrium”, but we also may just get to see that the Trill homeworld looks like in the 32nd century.

(CBS) Cardassians, Andorians, Humans, and Lurians

Seeing races from established shows is something many fans have been curious about since the show made the leap to the 32nd century at the end of season two.

In the trailer alone we got to see, Trills, Cardassians, Andorians, Humans, and a race made famous but Morn in DS9 the Lurians, so it is possible that along with these four we might get to see a lot more.

We would love to see a 32nd century Ferengi!…

Season 3 of Discovery will launch in 2020 on CBS All Access in the USA, CTV SCi-Fi/Crave TV in Canada and Netflix for the rest of the world.

You can watch the season 3 trailer below.