Discovery’s Timeline/Universe?, We Asked The Writers…

Back in October, we wrote an article about what Timeline/Universe Star Trek: Discovery was set in.

In this article, (read it here), we wrote what we thought covered all the basics, with such things like tweets from actors and novelists involved in Discovery, nevertheless, the debate is still going, every day on social media a new post/thread pops up asking the same questions,

  • Is it Prime?
  • Is it Kelvin?
  • Is It Mirror?
  • Is It a NEW Timeline?

Along with the same basic ones above, the best one we have seen yet, is “it is Prime Timeline but not the Prime Universe”, this to us made no sense at all, as they are one in the same, aren’t they?

So, with many people still refusing to acknowledge that Discovery IS set within the Prime Universe and within the same continuity as all the other TV series. We decided to try to end this deadlock and bring this riddle to an end!.

Earlier today our we sent a tweet to the Writers Room for Star Trek: Discovery asking two simple questions,



For those who do not know The Writers Room is the Official Twitter account for the writer’s of Star Trek: Discovery.

Now like most things we didn’t expect a reply as hey,

A, it is a Sunday, and, B, they must get millions of tweets, so why would they reply to us?

Yet, no more than 10 minutes later our questions were answered.



So there you have it, the people who write for Discovery, regard the series to be set within the Prime Timeline/Universe and within the same continuity as, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT.


Above is the Twitter exchange in full. (click to enlarge)



Watch the trailer for “The War Without, The War Within”


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