Star Trek: Picard – A NEW THEORY WHO IS DHAJ?

So before we begin I first want to make this absolutely clear that what I will present here is just a theory. There is no alpha or beta canon source to corroborate the theory what so ever but I will be using some canon material to try and back it up.

In 2404 (Voy “Endgame”) Admiral Kathryn Janeway utilising a Chrono Deflector took it upon herself to travel back to the year 2378 to the Delta Quadrant in order to help the U.S.S. Voyager return to the Alpha Quadrant sooner. Cutting a long story short in an attempt to distract the Borg while Voyager makes its way to use the Transwarp Hub, The Admiral is injected with Borg Nanoprobes by the Borg Queen.

(CBS) Admiral Janeway And The Borg Queen – VOY “Endgame”

However Unbeknownst to the Queen, that by attempting to assimilate the Good Admiral the Collective is infected with a neurolytic pathogen, delivering a crippling blow to the Borg and brings Chaos to Order. With the Transwarp Hub destroyed, the Queen dead and the collective in tatters, I would be surprised that other Delta Quadrant powers wouldn’t use this as an opportunity to take advantage and even revenge on the Borg. Forcing the collective to abandon their territory in search of new Quarry.

So let’s say for the sake of argument that all that remains of the Borg is a single cube, that had either made its way to the Alpha Quadrant in hopes they would be shown some form of mercy or that the cube was already in the region when the events of Voyager Transpired. Either way, this cube would be more precious than Gold pressed Latinum.

16 Years Later

In the latest Picard trailer, we were introduced to a character called Dhaj. Dahj being shown as a young girl on the run from what looks like several clandestine groups. One of them being Romulan as we see here in the Borg cube and some others outside what may be a Starfleet building. Now personally I think its highly unlikely that Romulan Tal-shiar Agents or Romulan Military would be able to infiltrate earth in the manner presented to us in this scene, so I’m more inclined to believe that these are section 31 agents.

Now from what I can gather from this trailer, is that Dahj is of some importance to the Romulans and Section 31. We see Dahj meet with Picard enlisting his help saying.

(CBS) Dhaj and Picard – PCD Season 1

“Everything inside me tells me I can trust you”

“Everything inside me”

Let us break this part of the sentence down and investigate her being, shall we? We see that she was at some point on the damaged Borg cube with other personnel whether they are prisoners or Starfleet engineering teams or even former drones helping the Romulans or at least being forced to help dismantle and even reverse engineer the technology of the cube… I wonder if this is how the Narada was enhanced with Borg technology? Anyway moving on.

Many are currently speculating that Dahj is a former Borg drone who may potentially even be a Queen. Which does make sense? Some speculate that she may even be the daughter of either Picard or Seven of Nine and Chakotay. There is one theory of course that Dahj may even be Lal or at least a new android created by Data or B4 whichever one it is we see in the storage unit. If that was the case I don’t see any reason why anybody would be after her.

However I have a different theory to whom Dhaj is, some of you may find it a little contrived, perhaps not as contrived as medi~chlorians. But that’s what you get in an inferior franchise. It is my speculation that Dhaj is, in fact, the result of a final solution of the Borg Hive mind should it ever face total annihilation. A safety measure if you will should the collective conscious ever face the possibility of its demise and their knowledge falls into the hands of those the Borg would deem a threat. Which given their current state is pretty much everybody.

(CBS) ‘This facility has gone 5843 days without an assimilation’ – PCD Season 1

We can see on the Borg Cube a sign that states ‘This facility has gone 5843 days without an assimilation. However, the term assimilation is not exclusive to that of organic material and this will be made more evident in a moment. 5843 Days is exactly 16 years including 3 leap years. When we take a look at Dhaj, it is evident that she is roughly of this age.

It is my theory that Dahj was born from within the collective, unlike other Borg drones. Whether they be mature or infants. It is not unheard of that the Borg would assimilate children and even Babies. We do know or at least we have never seen the Borg reproduce in the same manner as other biological lifeforms and although yes the Borg are comprised of Biological components I stand by my previous statement.

The closest we have ever seen a Borg drone being born was via the combination of Borg Nanoprobes, The Doctors mobile emitter made from 27th-century technology and some DNA of a plucky ensign whose curiosity got the better of him (VOY “Drone”).

(CBS) VOY – “Drone”

This combination resulted in a maturation chamber being constructed in the science lab of the U.S.S. Voyager with a Borg foetus growing inside until it reached full maturity. This Drone made up of 27th Century technology was the first of its kind and had all the Borg’s knowledge when it emerged from the maturation chamber and used that knowledge to save Voyager and its crew form being assimilated by the Borg.

However, this particular Drone was never connected to the hive mind and was born augmented with the cybernetic enhancements which allowed it to utilise the accumulated knowledge of the Borg. It wouldn’t be out of line to perhaps wonder if somehow something similar happened on the damaged Borg cube 16 years prior to the events transpiring in “Star Trek: Picard” that was similar to the event on the U.S.S. Voyager.

That somehow a Human or Romulan was subjected to a set of tubules that extracted some DNA and began growing a new Borg drone inside a Maturation chamber and downloaded the collective knowledge or at least as much as it could into Dahj from the cubes vinculum.

We know this too is possible as again something Similar happened to Seven of Nine in the Voyager episode “Infinite Regress“.

(CBS) The Borg Are Back – PCD Season 1

It could be possible that after the Cube was discovered by the Tal-shiar or Section 31, perhaps even an amalgamation of the two organisations, that Dhaj was indistinguishable from the rest of the infants growing in the maturation chambers. Allowing these Chambers to complete their cycles, these drones had their cybernetics removed and were allowed to grow Naturally into adulthood or at least to the age where they would help or be forced to help extract as much technology and information from the cube as possible.

Discovering later on that the entire knowledge of the Borg has been erased or transferred from the data nodes, it would only be at this point that whoever it is running the show on the Borg Cube would begin to speculate the possibility of what has transpired.

It wouldn’t also be too much of a stretch to believe that Jean Luc and Seven would have some knowledge of this command protocol allowing such an event to transpire and because of this, recognise Dahj for what she really is.

The personification of the Borg’s collective conscience, carrying with her all the knowledge the Borg ever accumulated.

I mean its either that or she is a Romulan clone of Kathryn Janeway because my god they do look alike.

These are just my thoughts, what are yours?, Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe.

Live long and prosper my friends and until next time, here, in the continuum.

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