Michelle Yeoh’s Star Trek ‘Spin-off’ Section 31 Moves Into Pre Production

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The long-awaited Section 31 show starring Michelle Yeoh (Philippa Georgiou) has finally moved into Pre Production, with her set to reprise her role as Philippa Georgiou, in a show focusing on her adventures as a member of the clandestine organisation Section 31.

Featuring in both, January 22nd’s Production Weekly and January 21st’s edition of The Directors Guild of Canada, Section 31 is listed under the working title ‘STAR TREK: SECTION 31 (w/t WIND CLEAVER)’

Filming is set to start in May this year and shoot for a total of seven months with a completion date of November 2020.

Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt will serve as co-showrunners and they are writing the pilot episode of the new series. Kim and Lippoldt have served as executive story editors for Star Trek: Discovery, working on both seasons. Their writing credits include the season one mid-season finale “Into the Forest I Go” and the Saru-centric Short Treks episode “The Brightest Star.”

While a show about Section 31 sure doesn’t feel ‘very’ Star Trek to some fans, Kim tweeted last year that the show will not lose sight of the ideals of what Trek is:

Eventhough, Section 31 has still yet to be officially greenlit publicly, with the listings now active on those two trade publications and what Julie McNamara told Vanity Fair last year, that a writers’ room has been assembled:

We are very excited about the Section 31 show and Michelle Yeoh is excited to do it. She is in the current season of Discovery so she’s working on that right now but we have scripts getting written, and Alex has a writer’s room. We love what we’ve heard so far. It’s yet another tonality of Trek. As Alex has mapped it all out, each show has its own unique sort of voice and vision.

Its is clear that progress is being made on the show and things are well underway.

(CBS) Michelle Yeoh (Philippa Georgiou)

With a vale of mystery surrounding this ‘spinoff’ not much is known about the plot or any potential returning cast from Star Trek: Discovery, and as of yet nothing is known about the year it will be set in. It is possible that somehow, Georgiou returns from the year 3188 to the late 23rd century only time will tell.

Currently the only information we have to go on is what Alex Kurtzman has said about the show:

“It occupies an area of the ‘Trek’ universe that’s never really been explored geographically. It has a new mythology to it, which is very interesting. And it puts Michelle’s character to the test in a lot of ways that ‘Discovery’ can’t. In some ways it will be her ‘Unforgiven,’ I would say.”

And back in April last year, Yeoh told Newsweek that Section 31 would be:

“more fun — less intense and more fun-driven. Visiting more planets. Going around rescuing people in our own way,”

Being so early into pre-production, there is no release date for ‘Section 31’, however, it will likely premiere sometime in 2021, but keep checking back as we will bring you updates as they happen.

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