Head Into The Future With The Discovery S3 Orginal Soundtrack

Head Into The Future With The Discovery S3 Orginal Soundtrack

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The third season of Discovery concluded a little over three months ago and just like previous of the show it featured an outstanding soundtrack.

Released today by Lakeshore Records the OST for season three will be beaming down later this week by composer Jeff Russo’s.

The tracklisting is remarkably like the previous two in terms of it telling the story of the season with track titles like “Burnham Crash Lands” and “Georgiou Goodbye” the track listings is almost like a synopsis of the season.

On the release of the season 3 OST Russo faced some challenges due to the pandemic and he had to figure out a theme for everyone favourite Queen…

“The music for the third season of Discovery posed some pretty big challenges—from the recording of orchestral music during a pandemic, to figuring out our theme for Grudge (the cat) and the rest of the new characters. It’s certainly proved to be the most thrilling and fulfilling season to date.”

Due to arrive for download and streaming THIS Friday (April 6th) the Season 3 OST will include 30 tracks from all 13-episodes of the third season.

  • 01. Burnham Crash Lands
  • 02. Book’s Ship / Hello Grudge
  • 03. Federation Is Gone
  • 04. Sanctuary
  • 05. Meeting Zareh
  • 06. Georgiou and Zareh
  • 07. It’s You, Saru
  • 08. Grow Through Change
  • 09. Starfleet Academy
  • 10. Hugh’s Log
  • 11. Entering The Pool
  • 12. Adira Accepted
  • 13. Gray and Adira’s Melody
  • 14. Federation HQ
  • 15. Barzan Family
  • 16. Cryo Tombs / Attis Attacks
  • 17. Leaving Nhan
  • 18. Reunited With Book
  • 19. The Escape
  • 20. Osyraa Wants Ryn
  • 21. Kyheem and Osyraa
  • 22. Work Together
  • 23. Duet for Cello and Piano
  • 24. Terran Stories
  • 25. The Charon
  • 26. Fireflies
  • 27. Killing Traitors
  • 28. The Guardian
  • 29. Georgiou Goodbye
  • 30. Meeting Survivor
  • 31. Andorian Opera
  • 32. Michael’s Win
  • 33. Michael To The Rescue
  • 34. Sending Stamets to HQ
  • 35. Dots Will Help
  • 36. Deliver The Bomb
  • 37. Resetting The Datacore
  • 38. Book Jumps
  • 39. Reuniting The Federation
  • 40. Captain Burnham

The Season 3 soundtrack will be featuring an original score by Russo the lovely Andorian Opera (Track 31) favoured by Emerald Chain scientist Aurellio (Kenneth Mitchell).

You can listen to this track below…

As with Lakeshore Records’ previous Star Trek OST’, the Discovery Season 3 release will also be coming in a special vinyl edition and unfortunately much like the first 2 seasons it is unlikely that a CD release will happen.

We will of course keep you updated on the release of the vinyl edition when those details are released so make sure you keep checking back here for more info…

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