Preview – Discovery 312 – “There Is A Tide” – Synopsis, Photos & More…

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Coming this week is Star Trek: Discovery‘s season 3 penultimate episode titled “There Is A Tide” and it also marks week 22 of the 23 weeks of Star Trek that kicked off with Star Trek: Lower Decks back in August of this year.

Following on from last weeks episode “Su’Kal” which saw us find out the cause of The Burn, a Human Saru (Doug Jones), a Bajoran Culber (Wilson Cruz) and a Trilled Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) the Discovery has been taken by the Emerald Chan and their leader Osyraa’s (Janet Kidder) and the crew lead by Tilly (Mary Wiseman) must try to retake the ship at any cost.

Meanwhile, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Book (David Ajala) must find a way to return to Discovery after being left in the Verubin Nebula, before Starfleet is duped by Osyraa using Discovery to gain the upper hand against what is left of Starfleet…

Episode 12 “There Is A Tide…” Promo Pictures

All Images Courtesy Of CBS


After capturing the U.S.S. Discovery, Osyraa seeks a meeting with Admiral Vance while Burnham and the crew must overcome unimaginable odds as they attempt to regain command of their ship.

There Is A Tide: is Written by Kenneth Lin and Directed by Jonathan Frakes.

Lastly, if you didn’t catch it at the end of “Su’Kal” here’s a new preview for the episode, along with a clip from “There Is A Tide” which aired as part of last week’s episode of The Ready Room which you can also watch below to catch up…

Be sure to tune into season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery  which airs Thursdays on CBS All Access in the USA, CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada and on Fridays internationally on Netflix

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