What Did I Miss? - Discovery S3 Ep 9 "Terra Firma Part 1" Breakdown & Things You Missed

What Did I Miss? – Discovery S3 Ep 9 “Terra Firma Part 1” Breakdown & Things You Missed

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Hey everyone, once again I am Plain and Simple Eric and today I will be breaking down “Terra Firma Part 1”, the ninth episode of the third season of Discovery.  This episode was a right turn from the usual focus of the show this season, which has been the crew trying to find the cause of the Burn but instead followed Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) on her quest to be cured of her time and space displacing ailment.  In a lot of ways, this episode almost seemed like a “back-door pilot” for a series led by Michelle Yeoh, and if so she showed that she can definitely carry a storyline on her own.  Georgiou continues to be a multi-facetted ever-evolving character that seems to not only keep fans guessing as to her motivations but the people she interacts within the story also appear to never know what she will do next. 

(CBS) Georgiou, Carl & Burnham On Dannus 5

The episode does end on a cliffhanger so it is difficult to judge without first seeing the second part, but I thought this was a curious episode that may have created more questions than give answers, which is often a result of an episode being the first of a two-parter.  There are a few dynamics of time and dimensional travel that I am a bit confused by given the explanations on the episode, and I will get into those in the breakdown that will include spoilers.  Also, a few decisions made by the characters were also surprising to me, for example, Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) definitely seems to be Team Discovery now after being rather difficult with them throughout the beginning of this season.  Even Georgiou’s behaviour on either side of the looking glass was odd, as it seems like her character may have evolved this season in more ways than I had thought and definitely more than she let on.  But again, it is hard to judge half a two-part episode, but it definitely left me wanting to watch the second part next week, especially after watching the trailer.

If you have not watched the trailer yet, I will be putting out a video in a couple of days that play it for you and then I discuss that as well as the sneak peek, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notified when that comes out. 

But join me and watch as I break down all the Easter eggs and references in this episode… 

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