What Did I Miss? – Discovery S3 Ep12 “There is a Tide…” Breakdown & Things You Missed…

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Hey Everyone, Welcome Back to What Did I Miss. Once again I am your host, Plain and Simple Eric, and today I am breaking down the twelfth episode of the third season of Discovery, titled “There is a Tide…”.

As I mentioned in my trailer breakdown for the episode, the title comes from a quote from the play Julius Caesar, which was written by frequent Star Trek collaborator William Shakespeare.

There is a Tide…
(CBS) Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) And Osyraa (Janet Kidder)

In this episode, the crew must fight to take the ship back from Osyraa (Janet Kidder), the head of Emerald Chain, who has a plan of her own that she attempts to enact herself. After last week’s episode left me kind of underwhelmed, I was very pleased this week with a well-paced episode that allowed for some great dialogue between characters and also showed how complicated and nuanced this season’s villain Osyraa is.

But join me here as I break down all the easter eggs and references in this episode. I also put out a video in which I play the trailer and discuss, so be sure to like, subscribe and hit the bell so you are not left asking, What Did I Miss?

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