What Did I Miss? - Star Trek Update: Discovery Season 4 & Lower Decks Season 2

What Did I Miss? – Star Trek Update: Discovery Season 4 & Lower Decks Season 2

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Hey Everyone and Welcome to What Did I Miss, I am your host Plain and Simple Eric and today I am looking ahead to the future of Star Trek and going over recent news about the Second Season of Lower Decks, as well as the Fourth Season of Discovery.

Furthermore, we won’t even need a Red Angel suit to do it, with Star Trek: Lower Decks being released internationally, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Picard season 2 entering production, there has been some recent hints and news about what is coming from these two shows as well. Fans are eager to hear it too since we were all treated to 23 weeks of new Lower Decks and Discovery episodes and as of the taping of this video, we do not know when the next Star Trek show will air. But fans have a lot to be hopeful for after each left viewers wanting to see new adventures from both crews.

Star Trek
(CBS) Let’s Fly – Captain Burnham

First, I will go over some news and rumours about the second season of Lower Decks and then get to some recent interviews with cast members and crew of Star Trek Discovery, that definitely plot out a theme for the next season. If you love Star Trek, as I do, you might think about hitting the subscribe bell as I will be releasing videos on Star Trek every Thursday, to get ya through, including next week’s video which will be about the Most Memorable One-Off Characters in Star Trek history.

But before we get into this video, I want to know what you thought of these two seasons so let me know how you rate the first season of Lower Decks and the third season of Discovery in the comments and hopefully, we can have a respectful conversation about both. So now, let’s fly into this video about the two newest entries into the Star Trek franchise, Lower Decks and Discovery, and what the future holds for them.

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