The Final Frontier – 25 – David MacDowell Blue

Bill & Adam interview playwright David MacDowell Blue about his upcoming post-TNG Star Trek fan production, “Chronicle.”


The Perseus Project is part of CHRONICLE, a Star Trek fan series.  Taking place roughly three decades after the Dominion War, when the Federation has become the overwhelmingly dominant power of the Alpha Quadrant, especially after the supernova that destroyed Romulus and Remus, taking out the heart of the Romulan Star Empire.






You can follow Davids progress at the following link


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Adam Mullen

Adam Mullen is an alumnus of the University of Oregon where he recently completed his Master's of Music degree in Multiple Brass Performance (2014). He received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Oregon in 2011. Adam teaches privately to brass students and community members in the Portland area. When he is not teaching or playing, Adam composes and arranges various works of music in film and for brass instruments. He also enjoys watching Star Trek. Adam also co-hosts "The Final Frontier" podcast alongside Bill Allen.