The Final Frontier – 27– Samuel Cockings

Bill & Adam interview Samuel Cockings of Trekyards about his upcoming ambitious crossover fan film, “Convergence.”

So what is “Convergence” about?

Convergence is a fully-fledged crossover event between 5 unique Star Trek Fan Film groups. Produced by professionals, with a mix of professional actors and experienced fan actors, Convergence is truly something special in the world of Star Trek Fan Films.

You can also follow Sam and the cast at the following links, 


About The Author

Adam Mullen, owner of Lumo Station LLC, is a two-time graduate from the School of Music at the University of Oregon, with an MMP degree in Multiple Brass Performance and a BME in Music Education. He currently composes music for the creative studio JTS Entertainment and the Watchtower Database. Aside from multimedia compositions, Adam also occupies his time with creative writing, teaching private music lessons to Portland-area students, and watching Star Trek. Adam is based out of Portland, Oregon. He also co-hosts The Final Frontier Podcast.

Adam Mullen

Adam Mullen is an alumnus of the University of Oregon where he recently completed his Master's of Music degree in Multiple Brass Performance (2014). He received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Oregon in 2011. Adam teaches privately to brass students and community members in the Portland area. When he is not teaching or playing, Adam composes and arranges various works of music in film and for brass instruments. He also enjoys watching Star Trek. Adam also co-hosts "The Final Frontier" podcast alongside Bill Allen.