The Final Frontier Podcast – 12 – Gary Davis

Bill & Adam interview Gary Davis about Dominion Media, his fan productions, and make lots of Khan puns.







Treksphere interviewed Gary Davis in 2016

Dreadnought Dominion is set just after the third season of the original series set on a Federation-class starship that was originally seen on a display in the Starfleet Academy‘s training simulation in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The display was a page pulled directly from Franz Joseph‘s Star Fleet Technical Manual.

Its unique style not only makes this series a breath of fresh air from the standard TOS series based upon a Constitution ship but also original in its concept using a non-conical ship.

This new series chronicles the voyages of the U.S.S. Dominion NCC-2115 and her crew, commanded by Commodore Samuel Tobias Grissom, later by Captain Jason Brousseau. The mission is one of deep space exploration, visiting Earth colonies, patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone, and the first contact with new civilisations.

Dreadnought Dominion has also been a part of a recent crossover with Starship Valiant in a short written and directed in a joint venture with Gary Davis and Vance Major of Starship Valiant and Vance’ own series Melbourne If you haven’t seen the short yet check it out HERE.

Through a mutual friend, Gary Davis reached out to me recently to ask if I would be interested in finding out more about Dreadnought Dominion, Of course, I jumped at the chance not only to find out myself more around this exciting series but also to get to know more about Gary himself. 




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