The Final Frontier Podcast | Episode 7

Bill & Adam interview Randy Landers and discuss his fan film studio, Potemkin Pictures.

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While officiating an arranged marriage for his daughter, Captain Kesh is given a choice. Does he need to change? Does he need to stand? Only a true Klingon heart will come to understand “The Soul of Honor.”

Starring Jack Zumwalt as Captain Kesh, Jessie Riano Kimbrough as Navigator Nobor, Josh Kimbrough as Gunner Kalim, and Jason Furman as bu’ Tel’paH. Guest starring Sherri Bradford as Vek’Ma and Elisha McCartha as the Officiant. Featuring Renda Carr, Ann Elliott Drew and Shelton Walker as Wedding Guests. Written by Chris Newell.

Directed by Lee Drew. Edited by Randall Landers. Music by Mark Berge. VFX by Richard Svensson and Randall Landers. Associate Producer/Webmaster: Michael Day. Producer: David A. MacKenzie. Co-Executive Producer: Rick Foxx. Executive Producer: Randall Landers


Along with Project Potempkin, Randy has brought us the following fan productions. 

  • Battlecruiser Kupok
  • Starship Tristan
  • Starship Deimos
  • Starship Endeavour
  • Hospital Ship Marie Curie
  • Starship Alexander
  • Starship Triton

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