Created in January 2019, Treksphere LIVE is a weekly podcast that takes the pulse of the Star Trek World. 

Broadcast live each week on our Facebook page and Live on our YouTube channel.

Treksphere LIVE - “Tearful Goodbye”

In episode 9 we cover. . .

Discovery Episode 9 – “Project Daedalus”

This Week’s Trek News

We Say Goodbye to Someone We Barely Knew

Airiam Who Was She?

And more…

Treksphere LIVE -"Back to the Beginning"

In episode 8 we cover. . .

Discovery Episode 8 – “If Memory Serves”

  • This Week’s Trek News
  • Georgiou’s motivations in Section 31
  • Culber’s PTSD
  • Spock and the Talosians
  • Red angel theories
  • And more

Treksphere Live - "Darkness and Light"

In episode 7

We cover

  • Discovery Episode 7 – “Light and Shadows”
  • This Week’s Trek News
  • Picard Show News, Casting Shooting Locale and more. . .
  • And The RETURN Talos IV

And more. . .

Treksphere LIVE - "The Great Lie"

In episode 6

We cover

  • Discovery Episode 5 – “The Sounds of Thunder”
  • This Week’s Trek News
  • Who or What is the Red Angel

And more. . .

Treksphere LIVE - "Shrooms"

In episode 5

We cover

  • Discovery Episode 5 – “Saints of Imperfection”
  • This Week’s Trek News
  • & We Talk Section 31

Treksphere LIVE - "I Can Fix That With Duct Tape"

In Episode 4 we are joined by Jeff Lincoln to talk about Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production

We will also cover.

  • Discovery Episode 4 Recap – “An Obol for Charon”
  • This Weeks Trek News

Treksphere LIVE - "Mother"

In episode 3 we are joined by Jennifer one of the Treksphere team members to discuss the Tie-in novel for Star Trek: The Motion Picture

We will cover.

  • Discovery Episode 3 – “Point Of Light”
  • This Week’s Trek News

Treksphere Live - "Faith of the Heart"

Toxic Star Trek Fandom Called Out!!

Topics we cover

  • DSC Ep 2  “New Eden” *
  • The New Aftershow
  • DSC Recap/News
  • Toxicity in Fandom – We show examples of Toxic fans who hate Star Trek Discovery.
  • The New “Mirror Of Discovery” in STO.

We are sorry for the audio issues around 1hr 34mins we pulled the video to try and clean it up, we have done our best, however, the audio was corrupted at the point of the recording.

Treksphere LIVE - Shooting the Sh*t

In our pilot episode, we discuss 

  • Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 1 “Brother”
  • Star Trek: Discovery News, This week’s Star Trek News,
  • The TOS Set Tour in Ticonderoga New York,
  • Star Trek: Online
  • We discuss the Discovery Trolls that frequent YouTube and Social Media

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