Treksphere LIVE – Ep 2 – “Faith of the Heart” – Toxic Star Trek Fandom Called Out!!

Welcome to Treksphere LIVE episode 2 – Topics this week will cover

  • DSC Ep 2 – “New Eden
  • The New Aftershow – “The Ready Room
  • DSC Recap/News
  • Toxicity in Fandom – We show examples of Toxic fans who hate Star Trek Discovery. (the images are not for the faint of heart)
  • The New “Mirror Of Discovery” in STO

Plus much more.

We are sorry for the audio issues around 1hr 34mins we pulled the video to try and clean it up, we have done our best, however, the audio was corrupted at the point of the recording.

We have done our best to clear it up but it still has an issue.

Watch “The Ready Room” Episode 01 – 

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